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Ruger SR-556

by Greg Rodriguez 1

Ruger’s introduction of its first AR-15 variant about a year ago–the piston-driven SR-556–was cause for an awful lot of excitement on the firearms-related Internet forums I frequent.


Personal Defense Breakthrough

by G&A Staff 0

Hornady’s Critical Defense is the first and only handgun ammunition line designed and engineered at all levels specifically for the needs and situation of the modern armed citizen.


Top Cast Bullet Handloads

by Lane Pearce 1

The Centuries-Old Rewards Of Loading Cast Bullets.


Three Things the Reloading Lab Can’t Tell You

by Allan Jones 1

I sometimes think I should apply to become a wizard when I consider all the information about handloads I’ve been asked to conjure up.


Reloading For Revolvers

by Allan Jones 0

My reloading started with revolvers, and I thought I’d share some tips I’ve accumulated over the years that can make the job more satisfying and produce better ammo.


Hodgdon Announces New Super Powders

by Scott E. Mayer 1

Handloaders can now safely duplicate the performance of Hornady Superformance and Leverevolution ammunition.


Handloading For The Kimber 84L

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

By Joseph von Benedikt My favorite powder for the .30-06 is H4831, but Richard Folsland, Norma’s representative here in the… more »


The Short & Long Of Hunting With The Rimfires

by Layne Simpson 3

For pure hunting fun, don’t overlook the rimfires.


The Practicality Of Reduced .308 Loads

by Lane Pearce 2

By Lane Pearce The powders on the left may cause unintended consequences, while the powders on the right are recommended… more »


Rx For Bears

by Layne Simpson 0

When it comes to bear hunting, having the right equipment is not only important–it is vital.

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