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Purpose Built for Pork: Savage Hog Hunter Review

by Greg Rodriguez 21

Though they are not one of our more glamorous game species, feral hogs are quickly becoming our most popular because… more »

Bump-Fire 22

Building the Perfect Bump-Fire .22 with Plinker Tactical and Slide Fire

by Shooting Times News 10

Looking for tons of gun fun at a fraction of the normal cost? Plinker Tactical’s got you covered. Shooting Times… more »


9 Must-Have Gun Accessories for Doomsday Survival

by Andrew Smith 14

Katrina replays, earthquake flurries, political unrest, and oh yes, zombies. These are perilous times. No longer are you the nutcase… more »


Ruger 10/22 Takedown Review

by Joel Hutchcroft 12

Well, Ruger has finally done it. The company has introduced a takedown 10/22. And it sure is a neat little… more »

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