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Two new handgun propellants are TCM and No. 11FS. They are designed for hand-loading popular magnum handgun cartridges, the speedy .22 TCM cartridge, and the .300 Blackout.

New Handgun Powders

by Lane Pearce 0

The new TCM and No. 11FS propellants are targeted primarily for reloading magnum handgun ammunition.

Making technical sense from only a cartridge’s name is thwarted because most are marketing names with just the most basic technical information included. Additionally, cartridge identification in pre-1900 cartridges was often complicated by a lack of headstamp information. The case head shown is a 40-70 Sharps.

How Cartridges Get Their Names

by Allan Jones 0

Trying to find a consistent system in U.S. and British cartridge names will get you nowhere because naming cartridges is a marketing function.


Federal Syntech Ammunition

by Joel J Hutchcroft 0

Syntech ammunition uses “synthetic jacket technology” to shoot cleaner and cooler, produce less bullet splashback, and reduce wear on a gun’s bore.


Revolver Cartridges in Rifles

by Layne Simpson 0

Rifles and carbines chambered for revolver cartridges are great for hunting, cowboy action competition, and home defense.


The Ballistician: .416 Remington Magnum

by Allan Jones 0

The introduction of the .416 Remington Magnum in 1988 renewed American interest in dangerous-game cartridges. It was truly a game-changer.

To the delight of .35 Whelen fans, major cartridge companies offer factory-loaded ammunition, including Barnes, Hornady, Nosler, Remington, and Federal.

The .35 Whelen: A Practical Powerhouse

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

The .35 Whelen is considered by some to be a far more useful sporting cartridge than the .308 Winchester or the .30-06.


The .33 Nosler

by Steve Gash 0

The new .33 Nosler is designed to equal or surpass other cartridges in its caliber class.


Fast Loads For The .45 ACP

by Brad Miller, Ph.D. 0

Using Ramshot Enforcer and 230-grain bullets, .45 ACP muzzle velocities over 1,000 FPS at safe, standard-level pressures are possible.


Creedmoors Compared

by Layne Simpson 0

The 6.5 Creedmoor has made quite a name for itself, but the newer 6mm Creedmoor is giving it a real run for the money.

The .308 Winchester is a superb hunting cartridge with many bullet styles, like the Hornady SST, offered in factory ammo.

Why the .308 Winchester is The Perfect Deer Cartridge

by Allan Jones 0

Initially developed for military purposes, the .308 Winchester is one of our finest sporting cartridges. In 1952 Winchester had a… more »

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