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Ultimate .300 Blackout Ammo Test

by Dusty Gibson 0

The .300 AAC Blackout is likely the most versatile cartridge for the AR-15 platform. In fact, almost every ammo manufacturer loading this… more »


Hornady Single Stage Reloading Equipment Review

by David Kenik 0

If you are looking for single-stage reloading equipment, look no further than Hornady’s Lock-N-Load Classic Loader. Built for precision reloading,… more »


Ammo Review: The New .28 Nosler

by Layne Simpson 0

Shooting the new-for-2015 .28 Nosler took me back to a hunt for black bear on Vancouver Island in May of… more »


How to Handload the .22 TCM

by Lane Pearce 0

The .22 TCM is a short, bottlenecked case with case head dimensions that are almost identical to the .223 Remington…. more »


Fast & Fun: Rock Island Armory .22 TCM Rifle Review

by Joel Hutchcroft 0

Because Shooting Times has reported on Rock Island Armory (RIA) Model 1911s before, many of you are aware that RIA… more »


Terrific TEN: 10mm Auto Then & Now

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

In the early 1970’s, a gentleman by the name of Whit Collins approached Colonel Jeff Cooper with the idea of… more »


Hot New Ammo for 2015

by Shooting Times Online Editors 0

New firearms get a lot of the glory when it comes to media attention at the SHOT Show, but without… more »


Hornady Full Boar Ammo Review

by Steve Gash 0

Hog hunting has become so popular that specially designed firearms and ammunition tailored for it are popping up like weeds… more »


10 Most Common Reloading Mistakes

by Joseph von Benedikt 27

The old warning, “Don’t ever shoot ammo reloaded by anybody but yourself” has saved shooters a lot of grief over… more »


Power Factor & Recoil: Bullet Weight & Compensators

by Brad Miller, Ph.D. 2

Previous tests show that light bullets have more recoil and muzzle rise than heavy bullets when driven at the same… more »

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