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Browning Ammunition BXD Waterfowl Adds New Shot Size

by Shooting Times Online Editors 0

Browning BXD Waterfowl expands its versatility for waterfowlers by adding a 12 and 20 gauge, 3-inch No. 3 shotshell.

The rather complex Berdan priming system (left) used a simple cup containing an explosive mix that was seated in a cartridge case having a complementing pocket configuration. The bottom of the pocket was formed with a round teat in the center and two small flash holes. The Boxer primer (right) contains the explosive mix and an integral metal anvil, and the case’s primer pocket is a much simpler cylindrical cavity with a single, larger-diameter flash hole in the center.

The Difference Between Boxer and Berdan Primers

by Lane Pearce 0

Shooting Times editor Lane Pearce answers a reader’s question about the difference between Boxer and Berdan primers and why they were created.


Aguila .22 Long Rifle – Accuracy & Velocity

by Jake Edmondson 0

Edmondson tests the accuracy and velocity of four Aguila .22 LR loadings.

Plenty of components for making good .38 Special ammunition for snubnose revolvers are available, but the handloader needs to be mindful of certain concerns when assembling the ammo.

Handloading the .38 Special for Snubnose Revolvers

by Lane Pearce 0

When handloading a snubnose revolver, the proper powder-and-bullet recipe is critical because you are trying to balance two opposing performance criteria.


Alliant Powder Releases Improved Red Dot

by Shooting Times Online Editors 0

Alliant Powder, a manufacturer of smokeless propellant, offers clay target shooters a consistent, clean-burning option with the release of improved Red Dot.

The .454 Casull dwarfs the traditional trio of Magnum revolver cartridges in size and raw performance.

The Fascinating .454 Casull

by Allan Jones 0

The .454 Casull dwarfs the traditional trio of Magnum revolver cartridges in size and raw performance.

Two new handgun propellants are TCM and No. 11FS. They are designed for hand-loading popular magnum handgun cartridges, the speedy .22 TCM cartridge, and the .300 Blackout.

New Handgun Powders

by Lane Pearce 0

The new TCM and No. 11FS propellants are targeted primarily for reloading magnum handgun ammunition.

Making technical sense from only a cartridge’s name is thwarted because most are marketing names with just the most basic technical information included. Additionally, cartridge identification in pre-1900 cartridges was often complicated by a lack of headstamp information. The case head shown is a 40-70 Sharps.

How Cartridges Get Their Names

by Allan Jones 0

Trying to find a consistent system in U.S. and British cartridge names will get you nowhere because naming cartridges is a marketing function.


Federal Syntech Ammunition

by Joel J Hutchcroft 0

Syntech ammunition uses “synthetic jacket technology” to shoot cleaner and cooler, produce less bullet splashback, and reduce wear on a gun’s bore.


Revolver Cartridges in Rifles

by Layne Simpson 0

Rifles and carbines chambered for revolver cartridges are great for hunting, cowboy action competition, and home defense.

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