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The Best New Ammunition for 2014

by Shooting Times Online Editors   |  January 21st, 2014 11

Advancements in technology continue to shape every corner of the world, and ammunition is no different. Although empty spaces remain on retail shelves where an abundance of cartridges once appeared, the advancement of ammo technology has all but vanished.

The 2014 SHOT Show introduced us to a whole collection of new ammunition that’s more advanced than ever.

Most ammo research and development is trending toward specialized loads for specific applications. For example, Winchester’s new Win3Gun line of ammo was tailored for the growing number of 3-gun competitors, while a new 10mm round marks the first time Federal has offered a handgun load with a Trophy Bonded hunting bullet.

We also witnessed as Nosler introduced the fastest- and flattest-shooting commercially-available .264/6.5mm cartridge in the world—the 26 Nosler.

We’re looking forward to reporting in-depth on the individual performance of all the newest ammo on the market.

For now, check out the best new ammunition for 2014, and tell us which ammo you want us to test in upcoming reviews.

  • Joe

    What a joke CCI ammo ? I haven’t seen any in over a year eather on line or in the stores in Montana

  • Hamcop

    Would be nice if all of these companies would stop playing with new stuff and produce what they already have for a change.
    I haven’t seen any 22lr in a brick for over 2 years now.

  • Jeremy

    Some of the 22lr I find in southwest Missouri is CCI. I find it more often than other brands. I like that companies are bringing out new products. Suppressor ammo is a great addition. It is getting very popular. Too bad NFA tax stamps are taking 11 months to process.

  • Daryl

    Hamcop is right on. Companies need to stop wasting time developing new ammo and just concentrate on making ammo that the machines are already set up to make. The ammo I see now is double the price it was a few years ago. Ammo manufactures are just keeping the supply low so prices will stay high. Reminds me of some other companies.

  • bear

    WHY in hell would I buy a expensive boat anchor in 22lr. or 22mag. Why don’t they come ammo before the weapon ? I may be a old man but I am not stupid !! I am tired of the ammo company’s Lying to us like CCI,Remington arms,winchester these are 3 of the company’s I have been in contact with and all I hear is B.S. from them I am tired of hearing it from them ! They must be watching our government and taking lessons ! COME ON and start producing the ammo !!

  • YoHane

    I think the Winchester train and defend is pretty hammy. I could imagine it selling well to people who don’t ever want to actually practice with their self defense gun. I could see them shooting the few “training” rounds of one box worth through their gun then saving the “defend” rounds for defense and never firing them, and they may not work reliably in the gun they have. I just think this product might have unintended consequences.

  • Kyllein MacKellerann

    With the general shortage of ammo FOR WHATEVER REASON this article is less informative than annoying. Wonderful Ammo, yes. Will I be able to get any? No.
    I accept that the ammo companies are working 24-7 to make ammo. I accept that with firearms going mainstream there will be shortages until the supply catches up with the demand.
    What I don’t agree with is that given all the above are true, is that there is NO ammo available for us to shoot. I’ve seen a couple of near fights when someone tries to buy the entire shelf of a new shipment and is told “Only five boxes per person, please”…and there STILL isn’t any ammo to buy; not even at the sky-high prices that are being charged.
    Frankly, I’ve given up on shooting. I’m saving up for a reloading press so I can at least make something to shoot…eventually. That’s the only way I’ll be able to afford it.
    And as asked before: Where the HECK is the affordable .22 ammo? I used to be able to buy a BRICK for what I would have to pay for two boxes now…if there was any to buy to begin with.
    Bottom line: Bad time for this article. Real poor planning.

  • Jesse Johnson

    I don’t know I have been able to find any ammo I want for months with the exception of .22 LR and WMR but its still out there. As for everybody boo hooing about it must not be looking especially those saying its not even available online. I see .22 online at least a couple times a week but of course you can only get one box and the shipping on one is almost the price a brick at Walmart used to be, but Cabela’s, Midway, PSA, Gander Mt and others have had it in and out steadily. I actually got one of the blue 525 Federal bricks when I was in store at PSA few weeks ago and my dad got the last one was little expensive but not that bad considering what you see on Gunbroker, shows, and shops. I think it was $35 each but I got some Blazer for $4 a box at another shop couple days later and I got 2 of the Fed Automatch 325 boxes at Walmart back in Sept, and 6 225 ct Rem Golden Bullet in Nov. I have been able to find all sorts of CCI too really most of the .22 I have seen around has been CCI I have bought standard velocity, subsonic, Stinger, and Mini Mag. This isn’t just in my area either yes some of it has came from where I live in SC, but I have bought some on the Gulf in Alabama, PA, NY, GA, here in SC, and WV since the fall. Gotta get out and look if you really want it and no I am not the one waiting in line at 6am to buy it never have got to Walmart that early for ammo the last couple times it was actually around 9pm. We have auctions here every month and the last one there had to be 50k or more ever sale has had more the auction company owns a gun shop so they really just sell it at the auction I think none in store. Bricks were high $40 or so for the garbage like Thunderbolt and people paid as much as $700 for 5500 cases they had a few of those and probably 10 of the 1400 buckets of Rem Golden Bullet. They have had so much .223/5.56 it was dirt cheap last sale. Those 420 cans of m855 $135 each, those 150 round boxes of it they sell at Walmart for $70 well they had few lots of that 2 boxes though for $85, 1000 round cases m855 $335, and 5 boxes (100) rounds $32.50. That was just what I remember they had some Rem match .300 AAC 125 grain SMK $13 a box I don’t have a .300AAC been wanting one but with ammo impossible to find held me back should have just bought it seen that stuff online the other day $30 each guess nobody at the auction had anything chambered for it nobody bid sold to whoever set the bid online.

  • Chiefbuck

    A few months ago I was able to load up on 22lr and 12 gauge shells by watching for sales at Dick’s Sporting Goods. They did limit the purchases but my wife and I were allowed to each buy the limit. I’ve been watching for ads recently and have not seen any ammo ads for a few months. I’ve also been successful with two online outlets. The supply in local gun stores has been improving as well. The law of supply and demand is in effect and guns are becoming much more ‘acceptable’ since Obama became president.

  • squareWave

    Remember the days back in the late 90s and early 00s when you could get a 50 round box of 9mm target ammo for $5? I should have bought cases and cases of it. I remember 1,000 round cases of 7.62×39 going for $69.

    But if the current shortages and higher prices simply mean there’s more people paying attention and getting into guns, then I guess it’s not such a terrible thing.

    • Joe Simeone

      NO, I do not remember a box of 50 target ammo for $5 in early 2000, but I do remember the early 1990s and a box of dirty reloads was $6 box 50 but factory range ammo (target ammo) was $9 a box from 1990 to 2002 then $12-$15, now as much as $20 at my local range. We need to stop buying ammo at ranges and buy from online ammo or catalog stores. Maybe we can force the ranges to lower prices by boycotting their high price ammo.

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