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Aram Barsch von Benedikt grew up in Utah’s high country, guided elk hunters in Utah, Montana, and Idaho for 14 years, and has published wildlife and outdoor photography in five different magazines. He currently works as Wildlife Manager on the Longfellow Ranch, a 350,000-acre west-Texas operation that teems with trophy mule deer, elk, Rio Grande turkeys, blue quail, javalina, and the odd whitetail and aoudad. It is a 100-percent non-high-fence operation.
Guide 4

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Big Game Guide

by Aram Barsch Von Benedikt 13

During a decade or more of guiding hunters in the back country, one hears things from hunters that both warm… more »

A quality military style sling is a good choice for the serious elk hunter—durable and versatile. It may not sport cushiony rubber or cobra-shaped styling, but it’s been getting the job done for elk hunters for over a century.

Elk Hunter’s Gear Guide

by Aram Barsch Von Benedikt 11

Hardcore elk hunters know the gear that makes for a successful hunt. Here’s a list of essential items from a… more »

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