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The Best Exhibition Shooters of All Time

by Keith Wood   |  December 3rd, 2013 36

From the traveling Wild West shows of the 1800s to YouTube, trick shooters have dazzled the public with their feats of marksmanship. From fast-draw revolver artists to aerial block breakers, these experts have combined phenomenal coordination, disciplined practice and a healthy dose of showmanship to entertain audiences for well over a century. Check out our picks for the best exhibition shooters of all time, and be sure to vote for your favorite.

  • Steam Boat Captain

    Dusty Gibson!

  • DustyDawg48

    No Herb Parsons?

  • Greg Noble

    I voted 8-)

  • Dann in Ohio

    REALLY???? No mention of Herb Parsons? That’s like asking who the best astronaut of all time was and leaving out Neil Armstrong…

  • Crouch’s Mississippi Trip

    22plinkster? For real? I mean the guy is a heck of a shot but I thought an exhibition shooter actually shoots in front of a live audience, no editing, no take 2s. That’s pressure.

  • MGK

    Come on people! Not including THE Showman Shooter Herb Parson makes the winning of this contest a hollow victory at best.

  • D_Cav

    Easy to show off shooting stuff that does not shoot back, Jelly Bruce used his skills to save lives – hard to beat that.

  • StavEllis

    No bob Dunkley?

  • Justin

    22plinkster is awesome but there is no way he deserves more votes than Tom Knapp!

  • LJ Leidolph

    This was actually a difficult choice… There are others that we have seen on “Impossible Shots” that should/could have been included and like other have commented how could ya’ leave out Herb Parsons. I suppose this was limited to just firearms. What about the archery exhibition shooters, ya’ included a slingshot. All in all great idea for a voting article.

  • SteveM

    How can you possibly overlook Herb Parsons?

  • lajemac

    Hard to vote when you’ve never seen half the shooters on the list.

  • Bruce Belitz Jr.

    How about Michael Blackburn! He shot for Winchester for years!

  • Barb Hunter

    I believe that archery exhibition shooter, Randy Oitker is always performing in front of thousands in front of live audiences like Jimmy Kimmel Live and on Shooting USA Impossible Shots Tv show. He is very kind to people and is a master of his craft! He will go down in history as one of the best!!

  • PBinLosAngeles

    For many years, Bob Munden entertained at both the Steel Challenge and the Bianchi Cup! His gun handling, while never part of his show, in private exhibition, was unbelieveable. Beat Satterwhite in a shotgun exhibition for charity, nailing all 300 targets, International Skeet. While not always the easiest guy to talk with, his skill was the best, period. May he rest in peace….

  • Guest


  • Karl

    No one can compare to the Toepperweins (misspelled above). No one comes even close. Even Adolph’s (Ad for short) wife Plinkey (the term “plinking” was named after her) was far better than Annie Oakley, her better known contemporary. I understand that it’s been a while, so they are not very well known now. If you have an interest, just do a google – but be sure to get the correct spelling.

  • john

    Kirsten Joy Weiss

  • Aaron Evan Kimpton

    There are so many missing. Skeeter, Bill Jordan. Given that i am going to have to say ed.

  • PBinLosAngeles

    In a real – repeat REAL – gunfight, Jerry Miculek wouldn’t get a shot off against Bob Munden; Bob could nail him from 1,000 yards with .22….Check Bob out on “Super Human” – Miculek uses electronic sights, for crying out loud! You kidd’n me?

  • Kerry Stottlemyer

    I’d like to say the Jerry Miculek, Bob Mundon, Herb Parsons, Tom Knapp and Ed Mcgivern are each in a class by them selves. No one shoots faster then Jerry, No one draws faster then Bob, and no one is the master of hand tossed multiple targets like Tom. Now Ed and Herb are just classic to their own right.

  • wapitihunter

    Some that didn’t make the list but are good exhibition shooters and fantastic shots are Elmer Keith, & Bill Jordan ( the Border Patrolman). Byron Ferguson, Howard Hill, and have you seen Tim Wells shoot a bow? These guys did some exhibition shooting but made their living doing something else. Byron and Tim live in the TV age and get some exposure that the others didn’t.

  • Whydoyou Wanttoknow

    All of them were…plain and Simple… unless you think your better than any of them.. but just try tossing your name on

  • Adrian

    Where is Tom Frye who worked for Remington? He could shoot indian head pictures with the Nylon 66 into metal sheets and also had a record shooting tossed wood blocks.

    • Montana Mark

      Glad he is not forgotten. I was thinking the same thing. Tom was a gentleman. Used to shoot the occasional round of trap with him after he retired to Billings, MT.

  • jon

    TRICKSHOT JOHNNY …………he does it with a sixgun from the hip , and he doesnt “set up ” shots

  • sboyse

    Paul Lacrosse

  • fmj

    Bob Munden without a doubt is the best shooter here…even the slow motion cams couldn’t keep up with him…

  • Montana Mark

    I was surprised to see no mention of Tom Frye (block shooting champ – 100,004 hits out of 100,010 aerial blocks with a Rem Nylon 66 .22 rifle in 1959). Has he been forgotten since it was so long ago?

  • jeff

    I dont know half of these people. There is a difference in speed shooting and trick shooting and accuracy shooting. Bob Munden, jerry miclek are fast. Tom Knapp is all three.

  • Guest

    When does the voting end?

  • Guest

    Disappointing not to see Becky Munden on this list as well. A champion shooter, Becky began exhibition shooting with husband Bob in 1968 and went on the road under their first long-term entertainment contract to perform at school assemblies soon after. Together the Mundens entertained, depending on the venue, using live ammunition and blanks. Bob passed away in Dec. 2012. Becky still shoots today.

  • Big Gap

    Joey Dillon

  • Bob61

    Huffer was recently on TV beating a robot in a recognition & speed contest.

  • Nattleby .

    Annie Oakley would beat them all wih her lever action .22. She could shoot 6 glass balls thrown in the air (at the same time) wbefore they hit the ground.

  • Up Huff

    I give the nod to ALL of them. But Annie was doing her shooting with guns and ammunition that did not have the precision manufacturing that the rest did, so, for that reason ALONE, I give it to her.
    But by a hair..
    And then, only ONE of them was staring down a loaded muzzle when he did his……..

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