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Hearing protection is an important accessory all shooters should be using.

Hearing Protection: Decibullz Custom-Molded Percussive Filters

by Jake Edmondson 0

Hearing protection is an important accessory all shooters should be using.


9 Must-Have Gun Accessories for Doomsday Survival

by Andrew Smith 16

Irma replays, earthquake flurries, political unrest, and oh yes, zombies. These are perilous times. No longer are you the nutcase… more »


Hot New Carbine And Gear For Shooters

by Shooting Times Online Editors 0

Noteworthy items that caught the eye of editors this month at Shooting Times include a classic lever-action carbine, a new… more »

One of the coolest new tools for handloaders this year is Hornady’s
rechargeable Case Prep Duo. Its folding handle makes several case-prep tasks
easy, and it can double as an electric screwdriver.

5 Best New Reloading Tools & Components for 2017

by Lane Pearce 0

This Year’s SHOT Show showcased a lot of new items for handloaders. As always there were lots of new gadgets… more »


Shooting Times 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

by Joel J Hutchcroft 0

If you’re wondering what on earth to buy for the avid shooter on your Christmas list, look no further than… more »


10 Must-Have Tools for the DIY Gunsmith

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

Serious gun guys are, by nature, tinkerers. We like to change and—we hope—enhance our firearms. Pretty soon, if our modifications… more »


Review: LaserLyte AR Trainer

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

A laser training device? For AR-15 rifles? Such would surely satiate even Doctor Evil’s lust for drama-infused cool tools. Great… more »


Review: RIA .22 TCM Conversion Kits

by Brad Miller, Ph.D. 0

Rock Island Armory (Armscor) now has caliber conversion kits for 1911-type and Glock (Generation 1-3) pistols to shoot the ultra… more »


Nikon M-223 BDC Scope Review

by Joel J Hutchcroft 0

The Nikon M-223 scope made a big splash when it was introduced to shooters in 2013, and new this year… more »


Shooting Times 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

by Shooting Times Online Editors 0

Every year, we at Shooting Times look forward to stuffing our stockings and giving gifts with some of the greatest guns… more »

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