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Para Tac-Four

September 23rd, 2010 1

Para-Ordnance announces its new Tac-Four high-capacity LDA pistol. The .45 ACP Tac-Four LDA offers 10-round magazine capacity (13 rounds for law enforcement only), 4.25-inch tactical-length barrel, low-mount rear and dovetailed front sights, flush hammer and bobbed beavertail, double-diamond checkered cocobolo stocks, and Para’s LDA trigger system. Weighing 36 ounces and measuring 7.7 inches long, the all-stainless-steel Tac-Four retails for $939. For more information, contact Para-Ordnance

  • Richard

    Just bought one at my local law enforcement store, it came with three 13 round magazines. I love the 45 caliber and was carrying the Colt Defender but did not like the cocked and locked carry mode, The Tac-Four has the LDA trigger and is great for off duty carry, it's not as big as it looks and fits fine in the Blackhawk holster. I would give it a 10 out of 10 for shooting, low recoil, it's looks and magazine capacity!

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