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Hodgdon Hybrid 100v

by Shooting Times Staff Report   |  January 3rd, 2011 1

Shooter’s Update

Hodgdon’s new Hybrid 100V propellant combines the chemistry of a spherical powder with the geometry of an extruded propellant. According to the company, Hybrid 100V is ideal for use in calibers that fit H4350, and it delivers velocities not seen before in many popular cartridges, such as 3310 fps for a 150-grain bullet in the .300 Wby. Mag. Its unique small-grain, semispherical/semiextruded shape allows it to flow smoothly through a powder measure, thereby improving charge weight consistency and load density. Hybrid 100V comes in 1- and 8-pound containers, and complete data is available at the Reloading Data Center.

For more information, contact Hodgdon Powder Co., 6231 Robinson, Shawnee Mission, KS 66202; 913-362-9455;

  • Mike

    I use Hybrid 100v in few rifles, there is no magic, as any other powder it's a test that tells, if it works for you.

    I use it in my 7mm Rem Mag with a Nosler Accubond 140 gr, for a speed of 3360 ft/sec with only 14 ft/sec as extreme spread, amazing ! Grouping in my 700 BDL is around 1/2" to 3/4" at 200 yards depending of me, how i feel.

    I don't give weight or lenght as it is over-pressure, and can be dangerous in any other rifle, even in mine.

    I am working another load, for this same rifle, using 150's TTSX, actually i get a good start.

    I noticed that Hybrid 100v is a great powder in long cases and pushing fairly light bullet, 140 gr in 7mm, 150 gr in 30 cal, and so on. With heavier bullets, it loose it's "wow" effect, but remain a great powder.

    I just love it.

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