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Shield Yourself: The Next Big Thing from Smith & Wesson

by Joseph von Benedikt   |  April 6th, 2012 15

Big S&WIn less than a week, Smith & Wesson will announce a significant new product. “Shield yourself,” hints the teaser on the company’s website. I’ve handled the new gun, and though I signed an iron-clad non-disclosure agreement I can tell you this: It is as big in personality, if not in sheer size, as the oversized M&P model that I’m gripping in this poorly lit, cluttered photo.

The product will be officially announced at the 2012 NRA Show in St. Louis, but at high noon on April 12 — the day before the show — the NDA is lifted and we’ll post a major first look at the gun on Shooting Times, which will be followed by an in-depth shooting review in the August issue of the magazine.

  • John Parker

    I am in for the free giveaway. So,…send me one.

  • Erik

    Oh for the love of all that is holy, let it be a 10MM!

    • GunsOfMassEffect

      OMG never thought of that, would love to see a S&W 10mm in the M&P family fullsize and compact that would be another out of the park gun.

  • Mike H.

    I will volunteer for product testing too! :)

  • TyH


  • Kim mc

    Bigger than the .460xvrs? I've got 2 and if it's bigger than those I'll want 2 of what ever it is

  • AndyM

    I"m hoping for a single stack 9mm M&P

  • bob p

    thinking more of compact carry 45

  • Fernando Rafael Tejero

    I hold my breath! Hope it´s something significant indeed !

  • Matt

    Compact 9mm playing catch up with the market.

  • Snake Eyes Jake

    M&P in 50GI, now that would be bigger!

  • chris

    pics already leaked of a subcompact 9mm, cant tell if its single stack or not but noticeably smaller than my M&P9C . I will be in line for one if this is the case

  • GunsOfMassEffect

    Would love to have that model of the M&P shown in that photo, that would look nice on my coffee table for a great conversation piece. wished someone would make something like that I would surely buy it.

  • Mike

    Matt,was correct. I just bought one this week. Reminds me somewhat of the Bersa BP9cc,feels the same in my hand and both shoot the same.

  • bigdude59

    I hope it will be a 10mm.

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