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SnapSafe Titan

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

Offering modular gun safes that you assemble yourself, SnapSafe has taken a unique approach to firearms storage and security.


Mission-Configurable Carbine: SIG SAUER MCX

by Steve Gash 0

Firearms enthusiasts love controversy. No facet or feature is too small to elicit a spate of friendly wrangling. For handguns,… more »


On the Lincoln County Patrol

by Bart Skelton 0

Lincoln County, New Mexico, is one of those places that have a mystical feel. When you’re there, ghosts seem to… more »


Reminiscences on Reloading

by Bart Skelton 2

My recollection of the first time I seated a bullet into a primed and charged cartridge case has long since… more »

Attacker 4 copy

Can You Shoot an Unarmed Attacker?

by David Kenik 29

The author, David Kenik, is not an attorney and this article is not legal advice. The following is simply a… more »


10 Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Gun

by Joseph von Benedikt 14

We all experience it. If you’re the kind of guy that’s reading this, you know what I mean: the sleepless… more »


Shooting Times 2014 Highlights

by Shooting Times Online Editors 0

2014 was a good year for the staff at Shooting Times, and we enjoyed covering all the new products and… more »

John Carey's Buck 2012

Get Well Soon John Carey

by Shooting Times Online Editors 0

The firearm industry has a long-standing tradition of supporting our most valuable resource—the people who make it all happen. A… more »


12 Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Who Love Guns

by Shooting Times Online Editors 1

Plinking and hunting with our dads are the most valuable pastimes in America. Fathers have the awesome responsibility of passing down firearm traditions to… more »


The 10 Most Underrated Guns of Our Time

by Brad Fitzpatrick 39

Some guns have earned a legion of loyal followers that are ready to come to blows if anyone badmouths their… more »

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