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Best 1911 Rail Guns at Every Price Point

by Shooting Times Online Editors   |  July 23rd, 2013 4

The addition of Picatinny rails are part of the modern makeover for John Browning’s classic Model 1911.

The presence of a rail really comes down to the intended application for each individual 1911 operator—whether it be for duty, everyday carry, personal defense or part of a collection. Picatinny rails essentially bring the Model 1911 into the realm of modern firearms. Attaching weapon-mounted lights and lasers to the old workhorse improves its versatility in several environments.

As the Picatinny-railed Colt M45A1 CQBP joins the U.S. Marine Corps on the 21st century battlefield, it appears 1911 rail guns are here to stay. Choose the modernized classic that’s right for you with this list of the best 1911 rail guns at every price point. Then, make sure you check out the full debate about 1911 rail guns.

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