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New Handguns for 2012: Awesome Auto Pistols

by Joel Hutchcroft   |  March 30th, 2012 18

Handgun makers have been busy trying to catch up on last year’s orders, but they’ve also had time to come up with a bunch of new and improved auto pistols. There’s even a true left-hand 1911! Here are snapshots of the hottest new introductions.

  • asapmil

    This is quite a nice lineup of quality pistols for the most part. It's also nice to see that the majority are either made in the USA, or made in countries that are friendly to the US. The only one that I would not care to try is the Beretta. A couple of decades of serving in the US Army have prejudiced me against everything made by that company. I would feel better equipped facing a threat with a rusty .38 revolver made by Smith, Colt or Ruger than I would with anything made by Beretta in the past 30 years.

    • Dennis Z

      I purchased a Beretta 92-A1 and am very happy with it

      • asapmil

        I guess I am just prejudiced against "second best". I was at Aberdeen in the early 80's when the pistol trials were going on, and I know that both the Beretta and the Sig Sauer passed the basic testing, however the Sig scored much higher in all areas except cost (it was a few dollars more). The contract was awarded to an Italian company since we wanted to base cruise missiles on an Italian island, not because it was the better pistol. I know several police officers who like their Berettas, however you will not find many people in the Army who like it since it just does not stand up under hard use. Army special ops guys generally use different pistols (HK, 1911, and others), and Navy SEALs use the SIG 226 for this reason. Unfortunately, the rest of us in "Big Army" did not have that option and were stuck with the Beretta.


    The Croations have done it again! Every time they come out with ANYTHING everybody wants one!
    This XDs is a stroke of genius at a time when everyone is looking for pocket pistols. .45ACP at that!

    • J Aram

      Agree with you, I own two XDms and planning on getting the XDs 9mm when it comes out.
      As a friendly correction, the contemporary firearm manufacturer is all American and is based in Illinois but with no connection to Springfield, Massachusetts, where the historical Springfield Armory was first commissioned by George Washington and closed down by Lt. Colonel McNamera in the 70s.

      In 1974, the Springfield Armory name was licensed to Robert Reese who made wise business choice in manufacturing the awesome XDm and other pistols in Croatia based on the original Springfield M1911, where excellent Soviet era talents meet value in a west-loving emerging European nation.

  • asapmil

    I agree with TACOPS that Croatia has developed a reputation for quality pistols. Everything I have seen from there shows both innovation and high production standards. I was in Croatia in 1996 during our peacekeeping in Bosnia (across the river) and the Croatian people liked Americans and had a very pro-Western outlook. I toured their tank factory at Slavonski Brod and was very impressed by their modern layout. They were producing copies of the T-72 tank that were superior to the Russian models. This seems to carry over into their pistol exports too, with market savvy, great engineering, and consistent quality.

  • Alan_T

    Don't get me wrong , I think that these are some really nice handguns but …. I don't think for the most part they qualify as " awesome new auto pistols " ( with the possible exception of the Ed Brown's engraving and price tag ) . Especially considering that some of the listings are REVOLVERS and TWO – SHOT DERRINGERS ( both of which I'd be happy to own ) . Again , I'm not knocking the guns but most of these , while nice , are just re-introductions or variations of calibre's , materials or cosmetics .
    Now that , that's said and everyone hates me HAHAHAHAHAHA , I want to ask Santa Clause for a : S&W 586 __ Heizer Double Tap__Springfield XD S__Kimber Micro CDP w/ the Crimson Trace grips — a Colt Mustang Pocketlite and Santa , I know I haven't been good enough this year for you to bring me an Ed Brown Signature Edition 1911 , But I promise that if you do , I'll try really , really , really hard to be better next year !

  • Airborne80

    I have not had the opportunity to run any of the weapons that have been produced in the Philippines. Anyone have any opinions on the production quality of weapons made there? I know the chicks run hot, fast and reload very smooth, but…. what about the firearms?

    • atrefoil

      hi airborne80,

      Phil. made guns are now breaking the barriers of the international market for small arms and i tell you they have passed the strict quality controls of the US based manufacturers!


  • Jeepers Creepers

    I have never been a big fan of any ACP or Auto pistol until about three years ago the new auto pistols have been a major break through compared to the big bulky old ACP's. I have been a wheel man for three decades. I have had auto pistols (57 of them) in the past but none that I wanted to keep around longer than 2 weeks and 300 rounds fired. Mostly in 45 acp. I really like the size of the new XD's. I might have to see about buying one. I might keep that one around longer than 2 weeks. My wheel guns I keep a very long time. But if I can find an Auto pistol with the punch of the 45 ACP in an smaller package like the XD's. It might be time for a change. My hand cannons I keep for ever (powerful single shot hand guns {600 nitro express} for an example).

  • Deliriously Astute Nguyen

    been told by my friends that ATI doesn't import very many quality guns. anybody have any opinion on the ATI cs40?

  • Wolvie

    How much do you want to bet that the new Beretta will eventually be referred to as "The Bug"?

  • bigabe

    I personally think that the Italians did a wonderful job with their Tanfoglia witness 4e5 acp. There was once a perceived notion that the slides and even the frames would crack. I have one with doubled recoil springs, I shoot it with pretty hot loads, and the gun is very accurate, never once malfuntion, fits great in my hand. Imported ny EAA in Florida. This gun gets a big thumbs up !

  • Edge

    The Ed Brown is a beautiful pistol but for $7,200 I expect the grips to be ivory…from the horn of a unicorn.

  • stephen

    can anyone tell me about the s&w40cal.pistol ??

  • Ian

    Wish they can get more CZ on stock in US. Love the CZ 75 line of pistols.

  • mike

    jeepers creepers… if ya want an auto with more punch than a .45 try the glocks in 10mm. i personally don't think you can find a better all round pistol than the glock 20. it's a one stop pistol. think on this.from the glock 20 platform.. with just a change of barrels.. you can have the .357 sig. the .40 s&w.. the 9×25 dillon ..the 10mm and with a change of slide/barrel and a mag.. you can have the .45 and from guncrafter industries for a little over 500 bucks.. you can get their slide/barrel/mag conversion for the .50GI( for those who preach the bigger hole theory, but still only have a .45). you can get the 6inch stainless threaded barrels from wolf for the 9×25 and 10mm and use their muzzle brake. cause that dillon round throws a 90gr bullet somewhere around 2100fps according to wikipedia. and if you're just into punkin chunkin.the the .50GI was made for you..for me though.. it's the 10mm. i also have a beeeeutiful dan wesson 1911 commander bob tail in 10mm the last year they made them… if you haven't shot a 10mm on a stainless 1911 frame.. you don't know what you're missing..

  • Greg

    Judge for yourself and don't take other peoples opinions as gospel. I own a Beretta M9A1 with about 1,000 rounds through it so far and have experienced not one FTF or FTE. Looking for a carry 9mm, I decided to give the new Beretta Nano a try. So far no FTF's or FTE's and has now earned it's place on my side. I owned a Kimber that never lived up to it's name or thousand dollar price tag. Don't get hung up on a brand name. I also used to snub my nose at Glock's, then I watched Tac TV try and destroy a G17. I now own a G17 and have no regrets.

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