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New Premier Firearms Performance Company

by Scott E. Mayer   |  May 25th, 2011 1

A cadre of firearms performance experts have joined to form WMD Guns, a premier firearms performance company. WMD will bring the best surface-treatment solutions for its firearms customers, featuring NiB-X, an extreme Nickel Boron coating; and Nitromet, a high-performance Salt Bath Nitrocarburizing surface treatment, among others. WMD will provide upgrade services for consumers, premium coated products available through distribution chain partners and custom coating services to OEMs who want to offer their customers a performance edge. 231/421-4867,

  • Tom Bolton

    I have bought a BCG from these guys for my 5.56 it's sweat.

    No oil started dry ran dry almost 500 rounds down range no

    Mis fire clean up was a snap. Soon as i can my

    upper than lower go in.

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