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SCCY CPX-2 9mm Review

by Joel Hutchcroft   |  February 14th, 2013 26


Have you seen anything about the new SCCY Industries compact, polymer-frame, 9mm auto pistol? It’s been getting a lot of press coverage lately. It’s on the Web. It’s in the magazines. It’s even been the cover gun on one of the handguns-only magazines. All that coverage made me ask, “What’s all the fuss about this little pistol?”

I read most of those reports, and because they had mixed results, I thought ST should get a gun and find out firsthand. So we made arrangements to get one in here, and I spent several days working it over. Here’s what I found.


The 9mm CPX-2 put fully loaded magazines with 10 rounds into good clusters at 7 yards offhand.

Probably the thing that has everybody talking about the SCCY CPX-2 9mm is its retail price. It lists for only $299. That’s darn reasonable for a brand-new 9mm self-defense-type pistol these days, and it’s just a little more than half the price of the Ruger LC9, Beretta Nano, and Smith & Wesson Shield.

What you get for that $299 is a polymer-framed autoloader with a 3.1-inch barrel; steel, fixed, three-white-dot sights; steel slide (black or natural finish) that’s machined from barstock; two 10-round magazines with finger-groove floorplates and two extra flat-base floorplates; a trigger lock with two keys; and a small tube of MFR-7 gun lubricant. Everything comes in a classy-looking, foam-lined box.

The pistol weighs 15 ounces unloaded, and measures 6.0 inches long, 4.7 inches high, and 1.2 inches thick. With the finger-groove magazine floorplate in place, it feels good in my medium-size hand, and I can actually get a full-hand grip on it. That’s a good thing to my way of thinking because the 9mm cartridge in a relatively lightweight, compact pistol can be a handful when shooting, no pun intended.

The CPX-2 has a double-action-only firing mechanism, and as such it doesn’t feel like a match-grade pistol built for precision shooting. The trigger is what you might call a long stroke. My sample’s DAO trigger pull measured a consistent 9.0 pounds on my RCBS trigger pull scale. Remember that this is a self-defense gun, and while that amount of pull might sound pretty heavy, it sure doesn’t seem that way during live firing.

The only external controls on the sleek, stylish pistol are the slide release lever and the magazine release button. They are both located conventionally on the left side of the gun, and the slide release is steel with Zytel overmolded extension.

One important consideration is due here. The SCCY manual specifically states, “+P cartridges should never be used in the Model CPX.” So keep that in mind if your favorite self-defense 9mm ammunition is of the +P variety.

To put this new compact pistol to the test, I decided to fire it for accuracy at 25 yards even though it’s not intended for such “long-range” work. I did that because that’s ST’s standard distance for handgun evaluations. I keep saying it, but this gun is for self-defense, so I also fired full-magazine strings (10 rounds) offhand at a common defensive distance of 7 yards. The results of all that shooting are listed in the accompanying chart, but I want to point out that all loads put those 7-yard 10-shot strings into pretty good clusters. I think they would definitely do some damage to an attacker. The 25-yard accuracy wasn’t what I would call stellar. The best group average was just under 4 inches, but that’s within the classic “4.25 at 25” standard.


The best string was with Hornady 125-grain HAP ammo, and it measured exactly at 2.00 inches.

The pistol functioned 100 percent during all that shooting, which was upwards of 100 rounds. Some of the earlier reports on this new model questioned its reliability, but as I just said, I didn’t have a single problem with my sample.

As for shootablility, I found the pistol to be pleasant, but I did have to work at the trigger in the beginning to get used to it. I’m a 1911 kind of guy and prefer single-action autoloaders. I also enjoy double-action revolvers, but I tend to go single-action mode with them, too. So be advised that when you shoot one of these little 9mms for the first time, if you’re like me and generally a single action shooter, you might have to spend some time getting used to its trigger.

As I alluded to earlier, I think the SCCY CPX-2 has a certain style that appeals to me. I’m usually not too taken by polymer-framed, DAO pistols, but I kind of like this one. I think I’ll keep it.

  • Coachmac1521

    Bought the cpx-2 last week. Love the ability to conceal so easy. I have put about 45 rounds through it so far and have had no hiccups thus far. I like it so much that I bought one for the fiance today!

  • JethroXP

    I bought one last week, having neither heard nor read anything about them. I have to say your review is spot on and I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with this little gun. I typically carry an XDm Compact 9mm, however at 33oz. loaded I wanted something lighter for summer carry when I'm wearing less bulky clothing. Initially I purchased an XD-s in .45 ACP, but I found that not only was that gun difficult to shoot, it only weighed 4oz. less (fully loaded) than the XDm. So when I happened upon the SCCY CPX-2 I was intrigued. It filled and fit my hand better than the XD-S, had higher capacity, used the same caliber I was already using for self defense, it was very light weight (fully loaded 12oz. less than the XDm) and simple to use, everything I was looking for in a concealed carry gun. The final test was shooting it, and I was not disappointed. The long trigger pull took a few shots to get used to, but beyond that, within one magazine I was making groups just as tight as I can with my XDm. To say that I'm very happy with this gun is an understatement.

  • Roger

    Bought a new CPX-2, and really love this gun. Fit and finish are excellent. Put 150 rounds through it with no
    feed or failure to fire problems. Now carry as my number one CCW gun. Recoil is stout, but grip design
    helps some. The trigger takes some training over a single action, but not a problem. Very smooth. Hornady Critical Defense 115gr. is my personal choice for the CPX2. Can't believe I could buy a gun of this quality for
    under $300. I will probably buy another before the price goes up. You are "missing out", if you don't get one

  • Guest

    Where were you able to find the CPX-2's you purchased?

    • JethroXP

      I purchased mine from a small local dealer who had a couple tables at the Washington Arms Collectors gun show in Monroe, WA. He had a CPX-1 and a CPX-2. I bought the CPX-2 specifically because it doesn't have the manual safety. He said they were fairly hard to get, and they sell almost as soon as he gets them. If you have a local dealer ask if you can order one. I think I just got lucky, right place at the right time.

    • whiitebear911

      Guns America, has several, just check each one for the price, couple on there are high. But other within the guns price range, Got mine at gun show.

  • Indiana Oak

    SCCY is top notch with me. I acquired an older or early model CPX-1 and it had major problems feeding
    rounds. In fact it would jam just trying to get a round in the chamber, I called the factory and their customer
    service department indicated they would replace the firearm. The lifetime warranty stays with the pistol.
    I haven't had problem #1 with the replacement. SCCY is an American company and customer oriented to

  • Greg Campbell

    I've got one that I've shot over 500 rounds through with NO PROBLEMS!! VERY satisfied with mine!!

  • Guest

    Bought one for the woman who is now my wife. Liked it so much I'm going to have to get one for myself for summer carry and as a back-up piece for my duty G-17 Glock.

    • Ken

      Bought one. Immediate misfires. Sent to SCCY for repairs. They replaced the slide. Took it to the range – immediate misfires. Complained to SCCY. They sent me a new one. Ran about 150 rounds through it with one misfire. Went to the range today – misfires with first magazine. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS GUN. I HAVE HAD TWO, AND BOTH ARE LEMONS. CERTAINLY NOT A RELIABLE SELF DEFENSE FIREARM. Ken – Georgia


        I have a CPX-2 and it is my off duty and back up pistol. works great no problems accurate and reliable

  • HootmonHarry

    A couple of additions to the article
    1) The Slide and Barrel are made from Hardened Stainless Steel
    2) The Gen 2, as reviewed, has been approved for limited +P use, just not a steady diet… The manual just has not been updated…


    the only problem ive had with mine is the magazine is awfully hard on the hands just terrible , to load i cant load a full mag unless i use a loader,,the factory had no answers for this problem ,,, there aware of this problem,also ,,,other than that agood pistol

    • Ken Shaw

      I had the same problem, so I changed my brand of ammo. Can’t explain it, but it solved the problem!

      • Larry Muhs

        Please advise what ammo you use. I can’t load more than 4 rounds without a loader.


    sccy cpx2 9mm got mine about a month ago.. shoots flawless. no problems with any brand ammo. hard to find a dealer in pittsburgh pa. who stocks these. reliable CCW

  • Bruce McDonald

    Available at

  • schlabotnik

    The LC9 is only $359, not quite twice the $299 of the SCCY

  • pirateye

    I took mine today to the range for the first time. Every newly loaded magazine jammed on the first round. The cartridge wouldn’t load. After firing it a bit it seemed to smooth out with no issues. I really like the overall feel of this pistol and never noticed any uncomfortable recoil. Sure, muzzle jump is there but I could shoot this gun for hours without a worry.

    It’s comfortable. It has good fit. It’s accurate!

    I really couldn’t be any happier with the SCCY CPX-2. Matter of fact I gave it to a friend to shoot over the weekend. I have no doubt he will be as impressed as I am.

  • Dan M

    I love my 2nd Gen CPX-2. It gets carried most of the time now and my H&K P2000SK sits in the safe on most days. Installed an Armalaser TR10 which works real good and carry in a DeSantis IWB made for the CPX/laser combo. All in all very happy with it and total price of pistol/laser/holster was about $475 which can’t be beat and I certainly don’t feel that it’s lacking in quality or reliability. Have 350 rounds through it with no failures.

  • Gary Klein

    Bought yesterday (gen 2) and went to Range immediately. No cleanup or prep. Wanted a cheaper ammo range gun and/or carry gun. Shot over 100 rounds-115 and 124 grain bullets. HAD NO PROBLEMS!!! Repeat, NO PROBLEMS!!! Good quality-I can compare to my Glocks, Colt, Rugers and Smith and Wessons. Has a VERY even and smooth trigger pull and an expected break. DA feels exactly like my S & W Bodyguard .308 trigger pull. Both great. I like the pull amount for safety reasons. LESS recoil snap than my Glock 27 (.40)!!! Same snap as my .380. Shot all 3 guns at same session so could compare. Shot all at 7 yrds and then went to 10 yrds–every shot put in chest-head areas!! From ALL guns. No difference in accuracy. No hand discomfort after 1 1/2 hr at range. Got home and field stripped and was very clean and was lubed good from factory and looks nearly like my glock in quality. Mags were stiff to load but went home and used UpLULA and put all 10 in without any drama. Will leave in few days to see how spring loosens up.
    Was worried about buying because of other reviews. Glad I bought it!!!! Thus, this gun exceeded by expectations. In my opinion, I will use as a range gun and as a carry gun. How can you go wrong for $250. Also don’t forget lifetime guarantee.
    This is my first ever comment to any you tube video, wanted to give my experience in detail, so sorry for the length.

  • Doglover

    I bought this gun for self protection, and it fits perfectly in my purse. Purchased one for my husband also. The couple that shoots together, stays together!

  • William Williams

    Looks like that Skyy 9mm , I had a few years back, a real piece of work, I sent it back 3 times because of jamming problems, I finally figured out it was the magazine, then I was firing it and the hammer broke off. I had it repaired and sold it. I wouldn’t trust my life to that thing! It was even made in the same city in FL.

    • EverettWilliams

      They admitted the problems they had, the guy in charge at the time was using inferior products. They let him go and now those problems are resolved. I have one and it is a perfect gun and I depend on it every day. I have a Glock G19, just a little bigger than the SCCY but I depend on the SCCY as much as I do my G19. They are a great Budget Conceal Carry weapon, give-em another shot you’ll be surprised.

    • Adrian White

      Skyy changed their name to sccy still pronounced “SKY”

  • Larry Muhs

    I bought a SCCY CPX-2 Excellent gun except for loading the magazine. Got a loader to solve problem. Easy to conceal even without a holster but advise to use a holster with top strap for safety.

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