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Silver Anniversary Glock Gen4

by Joel Hutchcroft   |  June 28th, 2011 13

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Glock pistols in the United States, Glock is offering a new Silver Anniversary Glock Model 17 Gen4 9mm pistol that wears a special logo inset into the grip and an inscription on the slide stating, “25 Years of Glock Perfection in USA.”


Glock is offering a new Silver Anniversary Model 17 Gen4 9mm pistol


This special pistol comes in a silver-colored case as opposed to the standard Glock black pistol box. The set also includes a commemorative key chain.

The company will produce just 2,500 of these special 9mm pistols during the year 2011. Visit your local dealer or retailer to find out how you can own this part of Glock history.

  • John R. Heidlebaugh

    I am a Glock owner and have been for many years and it is my personal carry weapon on duty. I would think that Glock for the silver anniversary would have a custom engraved silver slide showing military, police, and other uses where the Glock has been so famous or something better than a sticker on the grip. It has a history to be proud of and so many lives have been protected by it plus owners want something that really stands out.

  • Rick

    There are a lot of 40 duties out there, why just in 9mm?

  • Perry

    I have had my Glock 21 as a personal carry and conceal carry for almost 10 years. Now I live in a state that has open carry. I love parading down the runway and flashing my right hip… God I love Glock and this state…

    • Will

      Which state would that be? I live in the UK, and am applying for my first rifle, at the age of 18. You would not believe the paperwork I have had to go through! Compared to us, California is like Texas, or Nevada (those seem to be the most sensible states)

  • Quick Draw

    Open carry is nothing more that an invitation to having your life threatened and your gun becoming the property of the gang that took it.

    It doe's not pay to advertise!

    • Erik

      I don't understand why someone always has to comment on something someone has said and completely take away from what the comments are about in the first place. People will do what they want to do and it's no one else's concern. Shut up!

      • Gordon

        Anybody that feels the need to advertise that they have a gun should not carry one. Just because you have one on your hip does not mean you are prepared to use it. Being able to buy a gun, load and strap it on your hip does not make you proficient with it. Erik, grow up, Quick Draw was speaking for a lot of us who have carried for a while and seen the damage that can be done by somebody showing off. People that do not own guns and/or feel uncomfortable around guns feel scared. This is what the anti-gun lobby goes to church on. Conceal and carry permit requirements vary state to state. Almost all of them just require that you know a little of the law, how to load your gun and point it down range. This does not make you proficient in a gun fight or when confronted by a threat. Maybe Perry is proficient with it, pray he does not have to prove it. If you advertise, it greatly increases the chances that you have to prove it, or lose it. Either way somebody loses. Better to give them a nice surprise, that way they will not be prepared. The ultimate goal is to defend yourself and others if needed, not look for or advertise for a fight or scare people needlessly.

  • Big Mike

    Without question Glock is one of the best, but I would expect something really special for a 25th anniversary, certainly not the inferior troublesome Gen 4.

  • http://none M Fred Pezok

    Are they going to make a 25th anniversary model of the Glock 22?

    If they do, I'll buy a new Glock 22!

    • Lannie

      They do and they have. The issue with me is that everyone jumps up and down over the 9's. Why? 15 .40's should be a a good number of rounds, good/great performance and with two extra mags it is a real war.

  • ron vojacek

    I love my Glock gen4 23. I enjoy target shooting with it and it,s nice for conceal carry. In Ohio we have some new laws that allow people with cow to carry into restaurants, bars, etc. In addition we can simple have are gun sitting on the front seat when we drive. Looking forward to getting another Glock.

  • Patriot

    All of us need to carry open to get the public/sheeple used to it and not be afraid of folks who do carry. Once everybody carries, society will have less crime and more courtesy.

  • Lannie

    I must be spoiled. Living in the state I do, we have had open carry since I was born. CCW for a number of years and now CCW without a permit from the government to exercise our right to self-defense. A story told here and there, maybe an urban legend, that if a police officer sees you with your piece he/she will ask how you like it, how does it perform and how much did you pay. I really have a problem with folks that are from a strange land (Any place that is afraid of an armed populace is strange to me) getting upset at our ways. I have stated publicly and privately, that the folks society should be afraid of is the one that is not familiar with a weapon, a prohibited possessor (A person who does not abide by the law to begin with and will not obey any law, let alone gun laws) or otherwise. It would be the CCW holder, the gun enthuses and the like that will jump up, stop the crazed gunman and save the day.

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