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Ballistic Terms

Common Ballistic Terms You Need to Know

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

Long-range shooting is one of the biggest trends on today’s shooting scene, big enough that it’s driving purpose-designed new rifles… more »


Accurizing the Model 1911

by Reid Coffield 0

Regular readers of Shooting Times know that I often get questions from fellow readers. One that I frequently receive has… more »


How to Shoot for Accuracy

by Layne Simpson 0

The accuracy-testing protocol for rifles has varied considerably through the years, not only among individual shooters, but also among the various… more »


Reloading Tips: The Plunk Test

by Brad Miller, Ph.D. 1

The plunk test. It’s a funny name, but it’s very important to use when you’re reloading. The plunk test determines… more »


Speeding Up the Dillon XL650

by David Kenik 3

Depending on the task, I have three modes when I am reloading: snail pace with a single-stage press for my… more »


Installing Aftermarket Barrels in Glock Compensated Pistols

by Brad Miller, Ph.D. 0

Aftermarket barrels are quite the rage for some guns. A new barrel can transform your pistol into an entirely new… more »


Super Powered: Battery Basics for Firearm Accessories

by Brad Fitzpatrick 1

It’s hard for me to wag my finger at other shooters for not having a basic understanding of the batteries… more »


How to Handload the .22 TCM

by Lane Pearce 38

The .22 TCM is a short, bottlenecked case with case head dimensions that are almost identical to the .223 Remington…. more »


10 Great Vehicle Transportation Options for Firearms

by Brad Fitzpatrick 4

Many of us transport firearms in our vehicles every day. While these firearms are in transit we want to be… more »


How to Prevent Shotgun Choke Malfunctions

by Reid Coffield 1

Just as rifle and handgun shooters often tune their firearms to achieve the best possible performance, shotgun users also can… more »

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