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.30-30 for Bears

by Joseph von Benedikt   |  May 26th, 2011 8


I just returned from a black bear hunt in northern Alberta, where I tested Hornady’s new 140-grain MonoFlex .30-30 bullet out of a Mossberg 464 lever-action (a new variation sporting Marine Coat finish and fiber-optic sights). Got great penetration out of the bullets, which are a combination of Hornady’s GMX gilding metal bullet and FlexTip LeveRevolution bullet. It combines pointed-bullet aerodynamics with homogeneous bullet penetration, and out of a lever-action no less.

  • Tom

    Imagin that, a 30/30 can kill a black bear!! its a good thing hornady makes a $40 box of ammo for them bears, who just a decade ago were falling over to those non premium bullts

  • Hal

    I'm pretty sure the one I killed last year died with just some old core-lokt rounds I had lying around. Must have been a lucky shot.

    • Rob

      Hi Hal,
      I'm sure it wasn't a lucky shot. However, I've shot several deer with my old 30-30 core-locks, hit them perfectly, and they ran quite some distance before they collapsed. The same shot with an '06 would have dropped them in their tracks. I haven't taken a deer with the leverevolution bullets yet, but I think they will perform better than a core-lock. As far as bear hunting goes, I never shoot anything that's going to be a real pain in the ass when it's down. In NYS you can't bring a vehicle onto state land, so you have to drags it out. Hence, I leave the bears alone-LOL.

  • ECVMatt

    For us folks that hunt in Lead Free zones, this is much cheaper than the Barnes alternative. I would like to personally thank Hornady for making a load the lets us keep you good old .30-30's in the field. This stuff goes for about 25 bucks a box around my parts, hardly the $40 quoted above.

    Thanks again Hornady!



  • Lynn Vandevander

    My son killed a really nice blackbear in North Carolina last Nov.(2010). He used a 30-30 with my handloads using a Hornady 170 gr. flatnose. I think any conventional load using a 170gr. bullet would do.After all, the good old 30-30 has been used for 115 years now to "bag" everything from groundhogs to grizzly bear. I don't recomend any of the great bear hunting with the 30-30,BUT it has been done.I was also with my son when he killed a 425 lb. wild boar with the above load,and let me tell ya, that boar died like it was hit by lightning. It was dead before it hit the ground. Like someone turned it's switch off. It was awsome!! So I am here to say, DON'T under estimate the 30-30. So, dust off that light weight, easy to carry 30-30 and go have some fun hunting with it.You won"t be disapointed you did!!

  • marty K

    30-30 has more good history than almost any other rifle round out there. mine says 30 wcf. and i love it.

  • dudewitha464invt

    I think many are missing the point (no pun intended).. but the new flexible spitzer tips from hornady are allowing the 30/30 to be resurrected in a world that was focused on MOA and ballistic coefficients.

    I have a .308 that's gotten rather lonesome since I purchased my 464 with LEVERevolution ammo 5 years ago. It's my everything cept Moose gun. Ironically, I've come to love the hornady bullets, but I'm not a fan of the superformance powder it uses. The powder seems to burn too slowly for the barrel length. No problem, it's a fine reason to hand load. And guess what. The price difference of my 160gr ftx, versus core-lokts is minor.

  • Robert reeg

    Although my 30-06 has far superior knock-down power, when I'm going into heavy cover I still like the good old 30-30. My slide-action Savage is a tack driver with the Leverlution bullets, and I like the improved trajectory it provides if I do get a longer shot. As far as cost is concerned, who cares? How many rounds to you go through in a season anyhow? A couple of shots to sight it in and whatever you shoot at game. I practice my marksmanship with my .22 magnum.

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