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Class Glass: The 12 Best Optics for 2012

by Joel Hutchcroft   |  July 18th, 2012 6

There’s a plethora of awesome new optics for shooters and hunters—everything from solar-powered red-dot sights to laser rangefinders, spotting scopes, binoculars, and riflescopes.

Here’s a quick look at a dozen of the coolest new offerings.

  • John

    En USS, yo creo…..

  • Alan_T

    " A dozen of the coolest new offerings " , huh ?
    I don't doubt they're good products , but , " awesome new optics " ?
    Well . I didn't see anything that was substantially different from what's already on the market and certainly nothing listed that makes me want to get up and dance a jig .
    Sorry .

  • t.d.arnett

    Great manufacturer, great price if the rangefinder can actually pull off what is advertised. I hope so because I'm in the market for a longer range and angle compensation rangefinders for my .338 Lapua and .50BMG's. It's a pain in the butt to have to take 3 readings on the average, and add the readings to get the distance. I just hope it doesn't require the reflectivity of a mirrior or roadsign to range 1000 also.

  • t.d.arnett

    My comment was for the Leica 1600 yd. rangefinder, I did not see anything saying all comments will be lumped together.

  • john

    How about showing us some products that offer great value as well as being quality optics. Maybe you should show me something that i wont be afraid to bolt on my $600 Remington 700 sps. Why dont you consider doing an article that sorts through what's available for the conservative shooter who buy guns off the rack and not out of the custom shop.

  • doug

    Can not even get to the text because of all your bs ad text. What a waste of time web site. Fire the guy who designed it. I wanted to look at two things listed, too much trouble. I will delete anything you send me in the future.

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