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Rossi Adds New Calibers to The Rio Grande Lever-Action Series

by Scott E. Mayer   |  May 24th, 2011 4

Miami, FLRossi steps up its popular Rio Grande lever-action rifle line with the addition of .410-gauge shotshell or .45-70 Government ammunition models. Both new rifles offer a fast side-loading gate, closed tubular magazine, authentic buckhorn sights, handsome Brazilian hardwood stock and clean lines. However, these lever-actions are not meant to sit on the mantle. The Rio Grande offers accuracy, performance and practicality for a lifetime of fast, lever-action shooting.

The .45-70 Rio Grande provides 6+1 rounds for shooting fun and is available in blue finish.  The .410-gauge holds 5 rounds of ammunition and is available in blue or stainless finish. The Rio Grande’s side ejection port allows a riflescope to be mounted in the natural position and the scope mount base and hammer extension are included. The barrel measures 20 inches long, with an overall length of 38.9 inches and weighs 5.8 pounds.  These hand-assembled and tuned rifles also feature a cushioned recoil pad, cross-bolt safety, lever actuated safety and the unique onboard Taurus Security System.  MSRP $536 – $583.

Also available is the popular Rio Grande .30-30 Win. model. This fast lever-action rifle features authentic buckhorn sights, a beautiful hardwood finish and 6+1 rounds for shooting fun.

  • Tom Robbins

    don't really care for the lever shape, but good for gloves. Rossi makes fine firearms, I've owned and shot the 351 .38 snubby for ever, I would not be afraid to purchase the 30-30 version, but at their price there's Marlin, Mossberg, and Henry, cheaper.

  • Sam

    Wish they'd make one in 338 Marlin Express

  • joe thornton

    why don.t they make one in 357/38 scale dwon the size and call it a defense gun

  • Dave

    Why dose'nt someone / anyone make a cheap leveraction 30/30 for $200.00. Don,t tell me its not possible because it is, and don't say buy a used rifle because most people want a new rifle, just like they want a new pair of pants. Sure it would look like a mules ear but so what, they would sell like hot cakes. Most men want something that works and they can use just like any other tool.

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