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5 Must-Have Shooting Accessories

by Greg Rodriguez   |  June 28th, 2011 11

I get to see and test an incredible variety of shooting accessories. They aren’t all as great as they’re hyped up to be, but I run across a few gems every year. None of the products in this list are new. In fact, I’ve been using some of them for years. They have become indispensable because they’re essential to my success, comfort, or efficiency on the range. When you shoot for a living, those qualities mean an awful lot. By the way, the rifle shown is by GA Precision.

  1. Eagle Industries Shooter’s Stock Pack
  2. Edgewood Rear Rest
  3. Warne Torque Wrench
  4. The Gun Tool
  5. Sinclair Gen. II All-Purpose Windage Rest
These five shooting accessories make the author’s life a lot easier.

These five shooting accessories make the author’s life a lot easier.

  • jim billman

    A web site address for each of the items highlighted would be helpful for possible further interest and/or purchase.

  • Don Brower

    Further description on each of these items would help me to know what I should get. I would particularly need more info on #'s 3, 4, & 5.

  • 0o8hyoih

    Oh please, stop the whining. That is what google search is for. Someone need to hold your hands. If your such a mommy's boy you should not be playing with guns anyway.

    • AvaChava

      And if you were mature you would recognize an appeal for further information from a knowledgeable source. If you aren't going to post something interestig or constructive, well go search for something to say that is. I'd love to hear more from Greg on his choices. Thanks

    • Hooligan

      An informational website should have….well information, not topics to seek information in google.

    • Bill White

      Hey jerk. They get paid for those articles and information. If those items are so important to him, we want to know why and how he uses them. I have all but the little white handle thing and don't really need his help. However others might. You work for ST? or do you fantasize about Greg?


    Ladies, ladies! I do believe he is just leading you to water now all you have to do is drink the water. He can not force you to drink. It is now your choice if you are determined enough to find these items. I mean hell you did not know about these items prior to Gregg telling you about them. Well, now don't you feel silly. Now "MAN UP" and get those items and who knows you might run across something else that would make your shooting alot more fun and on target. HOORAHH!

  • Fonzi Ricky

    Greg's write up is based on the assumption that he is writing to rifle enthusiasts. A good article should enlighten newbees as well as appeal to old hands. Not a bad article though but less informative…like he alluded to, his recommendation is for those "….shooting for a living……."

  • freebie

    Thank you for the helpful list

  • Johnny

    I would of put Rusty's Rags at the top of that list. It is new and does a hell of a job as a final wipe down on pistols, rifles, and shotguns. It is all over youtube if you want to check them out. Awesome shine with great rust protection.

    Here is the link to youtube for those who need help drinking the water. Search for 'Rusty's Rags' lol!!!

  • Joe D

    Ruff crowd, GRRRrrrrr. lol

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