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S&W’s M&P 15 Is One Rugged & Reliable AR

by G&A Staff   |  January 3rd, 2011 33

To find out just how rugged and reliable S&W’s new AR15-type guns are our tireless Technical Editor put over 5000 rounds through each of three different S&W M&P15 carbines.

To enlarge this photo of the S&W M&P15, please click HERE

Those who are surprised by Smith & Wesson’s recent introduction of the Model M&P15 line of 5.56mm (.223 Remington) AR15 rifles are probably unaware that the company has actually been in the “black rifle” business several times before–most recently with its highly regarded Model 76 9mm military/police submachinegun, which was produced from 1966 through 1974, and before that with the 9mm S&W Light Rifle of the 1940s. The “M&P” designation in these new rifles stands for “Military & Police,” which continues a Smith & Wesson tradition for duty-oriented guns that dates all the way back to 1899 and the world’s first .38 Special revolver.

Three production-grade versions of the M&P15 are currently available, termed the M&P15 (standard model), the M&P15A, and the M&P15T (Tactical model). There is also a newly announced Model M&P15PC from the S&W Performance Center with premium features that include a two-stage match trigger and a 20-inch free-floated match-grade barrel. It is designed for competition, varmint shooting, and long-range tactical applications.

The marketplace is filled with AR-type rifles, so why has Smith & Wesson decided to move in this particular direction? S&W long gun Product Manager Steve Skrubis says, “Our goal is to be a full-service supplier of law-enforcement and personal-defense firearms and to offer a full-service array of firearms tools.

The AR15 platform is the Model 1911 of service/duty rifles. It’s been battle-proven worldwide for over 40 years. We joined the Model 1911 business about four years ago, and we believe our Model SW1911 is the best featured, most reliable 1911 pistol in the world. We also believe our new polymer-frame M&P 40 pistols are the best of their type. Now we are offering the best, most reliable AR15 rifle in the world as well.”

  S&W M&P15A S&W M&P15 S&W M&P15T
MODEL: M&P15A M&P15 M&P15T
OPERATION: Gas-operated autoloader Gas-operated autoloader Gas-operated autoloader
CALIBER: 5.56mm NATO 5.56mm NATO 5.56mm NATO
BARREL LENGTH: 16 inches 16 inches 16 inches
OVERALL LENGTH: 35 inches (stock extended) 35 inches (stock extended) 35 inches (stock extended)
WEIGHT, EMPTY: 7.1 pounds 7.1 pounds 7.5 pounds
SAFETY: Two position Two position Two position
SIGHTS: Troy industries flip-up rear; post front Adjustable rear; post front Troy industries flip-up rear; Troy Industries flip-up front.
STOCK: 6-position collapsible 6-position collapsible 6-position collapsible
RIFLING: 1:9-inch twist 1:9-inch twist 1:9-inch twist
MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 30 rounds 30 rounds 30 rounds
FINISH: Black anodized Black anodized Black anodized
PRICE: $1300 $1200 $1700

Well, that’s a strong claim. But Skrubis refuses to back off. “Hey,” he says, “we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. The AR15 is a proven design, familiar to everybody. All we inte
nd is to produce the absolute most reliable and duty-ready AR15 you can find, right out of the box, with all the best features and accessories already in the package. We examined and tested literally every AR15 component in existence before selecting what we were going to

put in these guns. We’re building them right here, under a very close eye, with all the craftsmanship that more than 150 years of Smith & Wesson gunmaker experience can muster.”

Or as S&W Vice President Tom Taylor puts it: “These guns just run and run and run and run….”

Okay, I agree. For a duty and defense tool, absolute reliability is the most important thing. So let’s run a few thousand rounds through the M&P15s and see if Smith & Wesson’s words hold up.

The M&P15s Up Close
First, let’s take a closer look at the M&P15 specification sets. Mechanically, all three of the standard-production versions are typical-format gas-operated semiautomatic .223/5.56mm AR15A2 designs. All feature 16-inch barrels with chrome-lined bores, chambers, bolt carriers, and gas keys. The chamber specification is 5.56mm NATO dimension, and the rifling twist is 1:9.

The flash suppressor is the A2 military style. The upper and lower receivers are fabricated from 7071 T6 aluminum, manufactured in the U.S. by an independent contractor to Smith & Wesson’s specifications. The machining, assembly, and final-fit matching of the parts are done by hand in S&W’s plant. The single-stage trigger is factory set for a maximum break weight of seven pounds. All three versions feature standard sling swivels plus an additional side-mount front sling swivel for two-position sling option (swappable to left-side or right-side).

All models also come standard with a six-position tactical CAR-style collapsible stock, 30-round magazine from Okay Industries, and a hard plastic case. Their dull black-anodized finish is satin smooth with a much finer texture than most AR rifles on the market. It is complemented by subtle gold-hued laser-etch markings. If it is possible to say that an AR15 rifle “looks and feels” like a Smith & Wesson, these do.

S&W’s new M&P15 carbines come with single-stage triggers.

S&W refers to the base model in the M&P15 series as the Standard version, but to my eyes it’s quite different from what passes for “standard” from most other AR15 manufacturers. In addition to the six-position stock, 30-round magazine, reversible side sling attachment, and hard-polymer case, it also offers an M16A3/A4-type flattop receiver with integral Picatinny rail and removable carrying handle.

The carrying handle contains a full-featured dial-adjustable rear sight, and when removed allows full-function mounting of any type of optical or holographic sight directly to the receiver top rail. In case you’re wondering, the high AR15-type front sight housing positioned at the front of the handguards does not interfere with the field of view of an optical sight–even the high-power varmint scope I used for my accuracy review. It’s so close to the objective lens that it’s effectively invisible at any magnification and does not interfere with the target image or diminish light transmission.

The second version in the series, designated the M&P15A, is essentially a slight variant of the M&P15 Standard. It comes without the detachable carry/handle/rear sight assembly, which is replaced with a detachable Troy Folding Battle Sight mounted on the flattop receiver rail and allowing perfect co-witness of the standard front sight. The full windage adjustment knob is located in same position as standard M16A2, A3, A4 weapon sights, and each click equals a .25 MOA shift in impact. In the “up” position, a stainless-steel cross lock provides 1000 pounds of shear strength, guaranteeing return to zero, and eliminating the possibility of accidental folding.

The M&P15A and M&P15T versions come with Troy Industries flip-up battle rear sights.

A release button is depressed to fold, and an internal ratcheting wedge retains the sight in folded position. Folded down, it allows installation of optical sights without removal, even with my extra-long varmint scope. If you want the capability to switch from the M&P15A flattop configuration to the standard carry handle configuration, an accessory carry handle/rear sight assembly is available aftermarket. Likewise, if you have the M&P15 Standard you can obtain a rear folding battle sight aftermarket as well.

The current top of the production-grade line is the Tactical model, M&P15T, which offers a comprehensive set of user-friendly enhancements providing every feature the most demanding professional operator will need without “overdecorating” the gun the way so many other so-called tactical AR15 configurations do. In addition to all the standard M&P15 elements mentioned, the flattop Picatinny rail receiver merges seamlessly with a Troy Industries Modular Rail Forend (MRF) with full-length MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails positioned at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock.

S&W M&P15 .223/5.56mm ACCURACY
  S&W M&P15, 16-inch Barrel
Hornady 40-gr. V-Max Moly 3458 33 1.25 2.38
Winchester 50-gr. Ballistic Silvertip 3119 24 0.88 2.20
CorBon 55-gr. BlitzKing 3040 21 1.13 2.70
Black Hills 60-gr. V-Max 2852 18 0.83 2.33
Golden Bear 62-gr. HP 2895 19 2.35 4.00
Federal Gold Medal 69-gr. BTHP 2643 20 1.18 2.85
  S&W M&P15A, 16-inch Barrel
Hornady 40-gr. V-Max Moly 3458 25 1.20 2.45
Winchester 50-gr. Ballistic Silvertip 3119 22 0.88 2.35
CorBon 55-gr. BlitzKing 3040 15 1.25 2.25
Black Hills 60-gr. V-Max 2852 20 0.88 2.10
Golden Bear 62-gr. HP 2895 22 2.50 3.95
Federal Gold Medal 69-gr. BTHP 2643 24 1.13 2.35
  S&W M&P15T, 16-inch Barrel
Hornady 40-gr. V-Max Moly 3472 22 1.13 2.25
Winchester 50-gr. Ballistic Silvertip 3075 21 0.83 2.13
CorBon 55-gr. BlitzKing 3030 19 0.88 2.10
Black Hills 60-gr. V-Max 2857 11 0.75 2.00
Golden Bear 62-gr. HP 2882 27 2.00 3.75
Federal Gold Medal 69-gr. BTHP 2656 24 1.25 2.15
NOTES: Accuracy is the average of three five-shot groups fired from a benchrest with a TangoDown ACB-4 Bipod and using a Leupold VX-III 6.5-20X LR scope set magnification. All groups were fired after each rifle underwent 2500-round reliability and function review. Velocity is the average of five rounds measured 10 feet from the guns’ muzzles.

This provides a continuous uninterrupted top rail from flattop receiver forward, free floating for superior accuracy, reliability, and cooling. The system accepts all SOPMOD accessories, including the M204 Grenade Launcher, and the bottom rail removes with a bullet tip for cleaning and module mounting. Constructed from precision-machined aircraft-grade T6 aluminum, the MRF has a mil-spec flat black hard coat anodized with Teflon finish and numbered cross slots and threaded accessory mounting holes. The three black synthetic rail covers adjust forward and back or can be removed entirely depending on the accessories being mounted.

Also standard on the M&P15 Tactical model is a Troy Folding Battle Sight system (carry handle not included) mounted on the receiver and forend rails and allowing perfect co-witness of red dot or holographic optics. The rear sight is the same as featured on the M&P15A. The matching fold-up front blade module is positioned at the same height as factory M4/M16A4 front sights, and the blade is easily adjusted with field expedient methods such as a fired cartridge case.

Interestingly, the curved front sight wings perfectly cup the illuminated circular reticle of a Leupold MK4 CQ/T optical sight when installed, providing an exact target index and head position for instant, both-eyes-open engagement. Probably not a coincidence. Like the rail/forend system, the M&P15T battle sights are constructed from machined aircraft T6 aluminum with stainless-steel parts and mil-spec black hard coat anodizing (Teflon impregnated) and black oxide stainless. Total weight for the M&P15T Tactical package is 7.5 pounds. The other two versions weigh about a half-pound less.

The M&P15T features a Troy Industries modular rail forend with removable black synthetic rail covers.

They Really Can Run
For review, Smith & Wesson provided initial-production samples of the standard M&P15 and M&P15T tactical versions, which arrived at PASA Park during December 2005’s bitter cold snap, with midday temperatures not rising above 10 degrees and a continuous 25-mph north wind blowing sleet and snow. After properly “winterizing” both rifles by treating their internal parts to nothing but a very light wiping with a very lightweight gun oil, I gathered every variety of .223 ammunition I could drag out of inventory and embarked on a function review–38 different individual loads in all. (The review protocol is detailed in the accompanying sidebar.)

After more than 2400 rounds of mixed commercial ammunition of every grade and every bullet weight you’d want to put through an AR15, with no addition
al maintenance, no cleaning, just an occasional shot of light gun oil onto the bolt, there had been exactly zero stoppages of any kind, under weather conditions than can only be described as extreme. Okay, that’s reliable. Then, in late February 2006, in more moderate weather, I obtained an M&P15A from S&W and applied the same protocol. Again, zero stoppages or malfunctions.

At this point, I decided to see how their accuracy performance was standing up. I had already checked the accuracy of the original two samples when I first received them. Both delivered minute-of-angle groups with the loads they liked.

Another key feature of the M&P15T is the Troy Industries flip-up front sight.

So, with temperatures warmed and winds no longer violent, I set up each gun in turn with a Leupold VX-III 6.5-20X Long Range scope with Varmint Hunter’s Reticle and selected six review loads carrying bullets that I know to be accurate performers at the velocities involved and that were within the weight range considered appropriate with a 1:9 twist. I gave all guns a thorough cleaning, removing all accumulated fouling from their bores, and fired a series of groups at 100 yards and 200 yards using a TangoDown ACB-4 bipod at the benchrest. The results are listed in the chart. All three were still MOA shooters with their preferred loads.

Two 30-round magazines of each load listed below were fired through each rifle, using only the magazines supplied with the guns. That’s 2280 rounds each–no cleaning or maintenance. Then, five 30-round magazines were fired through each rifle, loading one round each of 30 different loads from the following list arranged at random.
Next, each rifle was given standard field-strip cleaning, and fired with 2500 rounds of Winchester (USA) 55-grain Ball ammo. Finally, each rifle was fired for accuracy at 100 yards and 200 yards with six different loads (90 rounds at each yardage). Total number of rounds fired through each rifle: 5020.
1. Black Hills 40-gr. Ballistic Tip 20. Golden Bear 62-gr. HP
2. Black Hills 40-gr. V-Max (remanufactured) 21. Hornady 40-gr. VX Moly
3. Black Hills 50-gr. V-Max 22. Hornady 50-gr. TAP
4. Black Hills 50-gr. V-Max (remanufactured) 23. Hornady 60-gr. TAP
5. Black Hills 52-gr. HP 24. Hornady 75-gr. TAP
6. Black Hills 52-gr. (remanufactured) 25. Hornady 75-gr. BTHP Match
7. Black Hills 55-gr. SPT 26. Master Cartridge 55-gr. SP
8. Black Hills 55-gr. SPT (remanufactured) 27. Master Cartridge 55-gr.Nosler Ballistic Tip
9. Black Hills 60-gr. V-Max 28. Remington 50-gr. AccuTip-V Boattail
10. Black Hills 60-gr. V-Max (remanufactured) 29. Remington 55-gr. Powr-Lokt HP
11. Black Hills 68-gr. HP 30. Remington UMC 55-gr. FMC
12. Black Hills 68-gr. HP (remanufactured) 31. Winchester 40-gr. Ballistic Silvertip
13. CorBon 40-gr. JHP 32. Winchester USA 45-gr. JHP
14. CorBon 55-gr. BlitzKing 33. Winchester 50-gr. Ballistic Silvertip
15. Federal 55-gr. Sierra GameKing 34. Winchester 53-gr. HP
16. Federal 55-gr. Trophy Bonded 35. Winchester 55-gr. PSP
17. Federal 55-gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip 36. Winchester USA 55-gr. Ball
18. Federal 69-gr. Sierra MatchKing Winchester 55-gr. Ballistic SilverTip
19. Federal 77-gr. Sierra MatchKing 38. Winchester 64-gr. Power-Point Plus

Finally, as winter wore on into spring, I turned all three M&P15s over to some of my fellow shooters at PASA Park along with a stack of cases of Winchester FMJ ammunition, and we proceeded to run another 2500 rounds through each gun over a three-month period of rapid fire weekends, using only the original magazines as supplied. Still no malfunctions–after more than 5000 rounds each. I guess Tom Taylor was right about these guns just keep runnin
g and running and running.

I’m persuaded. I can’t tell you that the Smith & Wesson M&P15s are the most reliable or most accurate regular-production AR15 rifles ever made, but I can tell you that I have never fired any other standard-production AR15 rifles that were any more accurate or reliable; and I’ve been shooting AR-type rifles since the U.S. Army first stuck an M16 in my hands way back in 1968. I can also tell you that I’m keeping the M&P15A set up with that Leupold varmint scope. It’s just about the best lightweight walk-and-call predator and coyote rifle I’ve ever had.

  • john

    i have owned 3 ars a colt ..bushmaster and now the smith&wessson . out of the 3 the mp15 is far better than the bushmaster.. and as good or better than the colt. I shoot a lot, always smooth feed and very reliable 5 stars. john in Texas

  • Joe

    I just purchased the S&W M&P 15 Sport that just came out from S&W. It is the bare bones verison and the price reflexs that. Finally a quality AR that the average guy can afford. So far I have had no issues after only a couple of hundred rounds through it. What I am impressed with is the accuracy. I plan on denting the coyote population locally. I love it.

  • Jerry

    Bought the new Sport because of the Smith reputation for quality. Thrilled with the price as well.

  • Eric

    Couldn't be happier with my m&p

  • Mike Smith

    I also bought a sport model I have added alot of extras to it like a Gieselle trigger,Magpul MOE furniture bad lever, BMC med bolt charger, flashlight and sling. Leapould ar 1.5X4 scope. I love it and it shoots XM193 ammo great!!!! almost as good as match.

  • Vinny

    Great rifle for the price, no problems what so ever…

  • s. mcleod

    Bought an MP15 from a freind that won it in a raffle. First mag. great! but after that, the trigger pin started walking after every five rounds. Any suggestions.

  • Andy

    got one last week ,took it out on a very cold day and had several jams . Don't know if it was the cold ,ammo or just the need to break in any thoughts?

  • jim

    A 4" gong at 200 yards no problem with 55 and 60 grain bullets

  • scott clayton,DE

    got one this week a15 sport 16" barrel has a stupid mag release button you have to use a spare round to drop the mag other than that no problems yet do you know if i can replace it

    • Josh

      sounds like that rifle came from california with a bullet button. did you buy it used the 16in sporter m&p is an off list lower reciever. Check your upper to see if it is something that person built. But to answer you question yes you can replace it…you just have to get the parts.

  • dcgj45

    I have own the best. AR's on the planet Armalight and Colt both far more $$ then the M&P for the money I think this M&P AR. is worth a good look it.

  • DCGJ45

    I have owned many AR types Colt law enforcement LE Colt C.A.R. and it think this little M&P will do the job. It looks good. I need some eyes for it. But I should not be a big deal.

  • Hank

    I bought my OR M&P 15 about a year ago ($650.00), I've put all the best optics on it; acog, rmr, Dueckdefense, crimsom tace green laser & light foregrip on a Daniel defense free float rail and it's the one weapon I will never part with. After all kinds of ammo and never had a failure to feed.

  • Jarhead

    i was in the marines 0321 at that and i have shot tons of ar15 different makes and modles hands down the M&P is a battle ready weapon 1 of the best guns i own today i have owned colts LMT and spikes they dont even compare to the M&P15 for the money you have a top of the line ar15

  • wakum

    I just bought one two weeks ago. First time i go to shoot pull trigger first round goes off and click nothing on second. Feed another round pull trigger round goes off and click on the second. Well neihbor came over we tried four diffret clips and 5 diffrent types of ammo and same problem needless to say gun is back at Smith&Wesson now have not heard anything from them yet I am hoping they just send me a new one. Not a good feeling about this. Brother inlaw bought the bushmaster we have already shot about 500 rounds not a single problem.

  • Lewis Wright

    Bought my M&P Sport earlier this week. The price put it over the top. I paid 699.00 at a local gun shop. I have put 100rds through it so far and love it. I hated the trigger at first but it is getting better. It shoots its accurate and I can't imagine any other AR being any better baring a full custom. wouldn't part with it. I have handled and shot many other brands and this little affordable rife matches or puts them to shame.

  • Nick Wilson

    After a bit of research I decided to get the stock M&P Sport 5.56, (manufactured 2012), for $715.00; tax, tags and out to the range. After a complete breakdown, cleaning the factory coating, a light lube and a few minutes of shouldering the weapon I was ready to give her the preferred test I have put all my guns through. Assuming it was off I fired 1 shot at 45, 30 and 15 yards using the pop up battle site with no rest and hit a one inch grouping, right on the money. She advanced to 125 yards and after 2 shots I adjusted the rear site two notches and bang, right on the money. I moved off the bench to standing and placed 30 rounds in a 6" group in under 30 seconds. I could have set a five gallon bucket up to catch the shells which were all deposited in a pile forward and to the right about 6' over 3' forward. I needed no further practice. Ergonomically, you shoulder the weapon and point the gun where you want it to go, then look down the site and the target magically is behind the sites. Had a few friends try it and they had the same experience. Nice work S&W.

  • Larry W. Fink

    A guy I had gone to High-school with, before I went into the Army Artillery and he went into Army infantry… is part of a local citizens miliita here. He said the militia he a part of, by choice carries only the S&W AR15 (standardization thing). Said it is the most effective and reliable of a the ARs they evaliuated. And, is priced where the members can aquire them. He said they fired a total of 900 round while qualifyiing at their last range meet, without a misfire or a jam (all with MYWALL reloads). Says a lot for the SW, and a lot for MYWALL ammunition.

  • Clarence

    I have had my AR-15 for two months. I have put 200 round through it with no problems. My Son who was in the Air Force and used and cleaned a lot of M-16s. Saw what I was doing with my AR, He now has one and every time we go to the range we go through 60 to 100 rounds. Never had any problems. We have broken down my gun once and cleaned it, only once. ( I know I am a bad boy and should clean it every time) but I still have no had one problem. I like my AR abd would not traid it for any thing. Ho I have to add I put a P-223 3X9 Optic (scope) and love it I have been a iron sight guy and would never go to a scope, I was wrong. The 223 scope on my 223 is the best thing I have done with guns. This little 223 can keep up with my 270.

  • Casey

    I have owned my M&P 15A for over 2yrs now with one stoppage, shooting cheap tula steel cased (the only ammo i plink with) the case actually split so it coudnt eject. Very happy with my rifle. I have ran better than 3,000 rounds thru it. I slapped an eotech on top, a magpul acs stock, magpul reciever sling point, moe handgaurd, surefire light, and moe vert and pistol grip. I run my rifle hard in training drills and would not recommend anything but it because the price is right.

  • cranshaw

    S&W M&P15T does not come with the 1/8 5R rifling anymore. As of 3-4 weeks ago S&W has downgraded all their barrels to a 1/9 6R rifling without notice. I ordered mine November 2012 and just received it December 12 2012. Low and behold the barrel is not what was advertised. S&W basically said "Owell," no compensation, nothing was offered to make their wrong a right. Pisses me off!!

  • ItchyFingers

    Just bought my black friend! :) A lovely M&P 15 T… I cant wait to start running some rounds thru it…After all the great things I have read I finally pulled the trigger and picked up the only one they had this morning ! I hope its everything they say! Stay safe :)

  • Walt Majeske

    What "eyes" would you replace the handle/sight with? I am an extremely young 70 year old that wants this for home protection and range fun. I hunted with a red dot on a 870 pump shotgun and hit running deer shooting with my left eye and shoulder so I like that concept. $600.00 is steep to me. Is there anything cool between $300.00 and $500.00. I prefer two eyes open, snap shooting.

    • michael

      vortex strikefire, it is around $200 great quality red dot for the money not aimpoint standards but not far off either.

    • Casey

      I too, put the strikefire on my 15T. Gret combo

  • Roy

    I've had my S&W MP AR15 for about six months and have put around 750 rnds thru it, no jams, no MF, just continued good times on the range. I would recommend this weapon to anyone.

  • Kevin Wass

    I pick ed up one from a gun show two weeks ago, with scope, side sights, pistol grip mag cover bipold and upgraded remmington barrle, 1/8 twist, for 1500. After inspection. the weapon look hardly used, just about mint, fired after obtaining 80 founds of PMC bronze rounds, the fun began, after sigting in the scoope and sights, this weapon was hiting dead on at 100 to 300 meters at beer cans ( using the bipod and scoope), with manual sights, i am a little bit shakey by was pretty actuate at 150 meteres at the cans. It was a fun experiance and reminided me by the smell of the rounds the time i spent in the military with my M16. if you want a run down military lane, heres your chance.

  • Joe Joe the Moe Moe

    I’ve owned mine for about a whole year. Put 500+ rounds down range. Never had a single hang up and it is very accurate. My M&P will eat any brand of ammo all day long, not matter how cheap it is. Ive went to the range on hot days, cold days, rainy days but it doesnt matter, it is a perfect weapon. Threw a Vortex scope on it, and at 100 to 120 yards, I can get a grouping about the size of a quarter. I love it. Worth every penny.

  • Peter K

    bought an M&P 15 orc last summer and absolutely love it. have magpul bus and a lucid rds. pour piles of xm193 through it and it eats everything. had only one FTF and it was due to a dented/defective round. only gripe with it is the bull barrel = flame-thrower. other than that the rifle is fantastic

  • NiteGoat

    I own an M&P15 Sport and I love it. It has no forward assist or dust cover, but it eats anything I feed it and asks for more. It’s my first AR and only the 2nd I’ve ever shot, so I don’t really have anything else to compare it.

    All I know is that it is extremely accurate, reliable, fun to shoot, and I would definitely trust my life to this rifle.

    • ARCQB

      I have several AR platform rifles, including Sig 556 SWAT, Rock River LAR 15 (?), and now the S&W AR 15 sport. It was less than 700.00, where that SIG was nearly 2000.00. I would take the Rock River or the S&W sport any day over that SICK SIG. The S&W sport is the best buy for the money, warranty. I love the Rock River but it cost way too much with all of the gadgets I hung on her. It’s also very heavy. I think a 1-4×36 tuned for the .556 or an EOTECH, or one of the new Bushnells or Leupold Holographic optics would work the best. Definitely with the A.R.M.S. QD system. If the combo works for you you can add a FTS 4x magnifier to the EOTECH. They will all co witness and the money you save will buy lots of reloading equipment or ammunition.

  • Lake guy 06

    OK guys, tell me if I paid too much. Purchased a M&P 15 S from a friend of mine that got stationed in California. The forward grip has rail systems on it for a bipod set up, and rails along the sides. The pistol grip opens to store 5 rounds in. There was a post mount flash light/laser/ map reader light mounted on the bipod rail under. 8 Mags, 500 rounds of 5.56 green tip. Real nice elastic end sling with quick release ends. Real nice carry case that can be carried like a backpack. Hand grip mount that is covering the mag well. All for $ 1200.00. Very well maintained.

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