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Smoothbore Supremacy: New Shotguns for 2012

by Skip Knowles   |  April 12th, 2012 8

Soft-kicking semiautos, a mutant pump, the return of the A-5, and more.

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Of intense interest to those of us who got a sneak peek at the gun last year is the new high-capacity Performance Shop M2 3-Gun (above), which boasts a ComforTech stock, extended magazine, fiber-optic front sight, and many more features that appeal to competition shooters. Price: $2,699.

Also, there’s a Performance Shop Super Black Eagle II. While not all new by design—but geared specifically for waterfowl hunters—it’s essentially a Super Black Eagle II with a tuning kit and aftermarket mods. Price: $2,899. Polished guts in the gun and a custom trigger are the start, followed by Rob Roberts Custom Triple Threat chokes. Each gun features a Crio barrel with a polished forcing cone to provide consistent patterns while reducing recoil. Also new are Super Black Eagle II models featuring Mossy Oak Duck Blind camo and a new 20-gauge M2 with Realtree MAX 4 camo—a first for a 20 gauge from Benelli in waterfowl-specific camo.

Are you planning on buying a shotgun this year?

  • Outwrite

    I'm always planning on buying a new scattergun… It's just a matter of running past the wife where I get tripped up.


    That's easy, my wife is more than happy to let me buy any gun I want. Then she takes an equal amout out of our joint checking for something she wants.

  • Darkwater

    When did they start using gold in the construction of shotguns. Looks to me like the industry has lost their collective minds. Come on guys what are you thinking.

    • The Old Guard

      I couldn't agree more. It's just silly nonsense. Of course adding gold into the shotgun construction means being justified in charging consumers astronomical amounts of moolah. (wink wink)

  • Cisco

    $2,900 for a few upgrades on a SBE-II that is insane. If they make money good for them but not for me.

  • Dean

    First 2 guns range from $1800-$2800. At that price I can only afford 2 of each. Seriously, how about some guns for people who live in the real world.

    • Guest

      @dean- did you look past the first two?

  • BulSprig

    It appears that most gun manufacturers have elected to go after the "High End" market. In the past it was Browning, and Weatherby, shooting at the, shall I say the 1% folks, while Winchester, Remington, Mossberg, and Ithica made the guns for the masses. Well looks like everyone is now shooting for the 1%, and, it appears to have worked. Just look at the numbers of guns purchased since our illustrious president was elected. Go figure.

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