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Night Sights: 3-Dot or Straight-Eight “Lollypop” Style?

by Joseph von Benedikt   |  February 16th, 2012 14

Night sightsScholars of self-defense guns all agree: Your chosen pistol should have night sights. Where they differ is whether there should three dots — to be lined up horizontally for the shot — or two dots, which are stacked one atop the other for a figure eight, or “lollypop” appearance. Proponents of the latter claim that they are less distracting to the eye and make for finer shooting, but the 3-dot style is liked by many for it’s easy-to-grasp principal — just line ’em up on the bad guy and go to defending.

If you’ve got a moment, please tell us why in the comments section below. We’d love to hear your reasoning to support our poll.

  • Joe

    Straight eights all the way. I think they are less distracting for precision daylight shooting and more than sufficient for night work.

  • Matt

    Straight 8. You've got a lot more leeway vertically than horizontally when you're aiming for center-mass.

  • Jon

    I think only people who use straight eight would have a strongly developed opinion on this, since they've probably used both and three dot shooters such as myself have only used three dot.

  • Bill Liles

    Straight eight because that was closest to my selection (One white dot front sight). I don't believe I should be blasting away at targets that cannot be clearly identified. Use flash lights at night.

  • Nick

    It could also be the guns that have bar-dots are more expensive (SIGs, Kahrs), so there's more emotional and fiscal investment in them! Still, I like bar-dots better, even though I mostly have 3-dots and U-dot (Glock).

  • Dan

    My personal preference is three dot. Seems easier for my aging eyes!

  • Chris

    large 3 dot night sights…they are easier to acquire for point shooting, which is what you're going to do in a gunfight anyway. My P229 Equinox came with large 3 dot Tru-glo tritium front and sig-lite rear. I also have tritium sights on both of my glocks and my M&P. My revolver does not…

  • Gary

    I have handguns with 3 Dot and handguns with Straight 8 .. The Straight 8's are my favorite .

  • Buds101

    three dots work best for me, I guess old habits are hard to change.

  • dARyl

    Night sights are handy for seeing where your gun is on the night stand,once you grab it you shoiuld use a flashlight for seeing targets

  • Harold

    Straight eights are easier for my old eyes
    You don't worry about the sides of your rear sights alignment.
    Just stack the dots.

  • Matt

    I use XS sights, so all I do is "Dot the i" and I am there. Just like the Straight 8 sights, super fast and easy sight acquisition. On target every time.

  • Ralph

    If you know your gun you don't need sights.

  • Steven

    On the Beretta M9 the military uses a straight eight while the civilian version uses the Three dot sights.
    Both work well but I acquire the sight picture faster and quicker with a straight eight.

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