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SIG Sauer P320 Public Service Announcement

by Shooting Times Online Editors

A G&A report and details about the P320® Voluntary Upgrade Program.


Shooting Times Picks The Best New Ammo For 2017

by Shooting Times Online Editors

Shooters will be pleased with the wide range of new ammo offerings for 2017. From a screaming new Copper-22 Rimfire… more »


22 Of The Best New Rifles For 2017

by Steve Gash

Rifle manufacturers are offering one of the widest fields of new guns ever for 2017. With rifle types ranging from… more »


Springfield’s New TRP Operator, Tactical Gray 1911 Is Built for Reliability

by Jake Edmondson

The Model 1911 might be America’s favorite pistol because you can do so much with it. The venerable pistol is… more »

Light weight is critical when hunting high elevations,
and the author’s Proof Research Summit rifle proved
to be ideal for prowling Utah’s alpine country.

How I Built One Rifle That Does Everything

by Joseph von Benedikt

A challenge to create one rifle that does everything took hold of me some time ago and tormented me during… more »


Best New Handguns for 2017

by Joseph von Benedikt

This year’s crop of new handguns has plenty of interesting new models and variations. There’s something for everyone, from sleek… more »


Nosler’s New .22 Centerfire—fastest ever for the AR-15

by Joseph von Benedikt

Nosler has introduced the all-new .22 Nosler cartridge and its shaping up to be the fastest .22 ever for the… more »

Military surplus ammo can be salvaged, but it’s a time-consuming job. It involves pulling the bullets, seeing if the original primers are still viable, neck-sizing the cases, recharging with powder, and seating the new bullets.

How to Salvage Military Surplus Ammo

by Lane Pearce

In a recent e-mail, reader Dan Peterson asked what he should do with the 800+ rounds of IMI 5.56mm M193… more »


Tested: Kimber's new K6s Revolver and Micro 9 Semi-auto

by Joel J Hutchcroft

You’ve probably already heard that Kimber brought out the K6S, its very first revolver, this year. You may also know… more »

One of the coolest new tools for handloaders this year is Hornady’s
rechargeable Case Prep Duo. Its folding handle makes several case-prep tasks
easy, and it can double as an electric screwdriver.

5 Best New Reloading Tools & Components for 2017

by Lane Pearce

This Year’s SHOT Show showcased a lot of new items for handloaders. As always there were lots of new gadgets… more »


Nighthawk's New Custom Hi Power—Reliable and Super Accurate

by Joseph von Benedikt

Predating most other high-capacity pistols by as much as half a century, the Browning Hi Power was the original “wonder… more »

Redesigned rubber chevrons and comb in the stock make the Super Black
Eagle 3 shoot as softly as many heavier gas-operated shotguns. The
softness of the comb can be varied by switching out its internal spring.

New Super Black Eagle 3 Is Better Than Ever

by Layne Simpson

Benelli introduced the recoil-operated Black Eagle in 1989. It went on to become one of the most popular shotguns not… more »


Shooting Times Picks The Best New Shotguns For 2017

by Steve Gash

A host of new shotguns was introduced in 2017. Many of these new shotguns are traditional in style, but some… more »


A Potent Pair: Kimber K6s & Micro 9

by Joel J Hutchcroft

You’ve probably already heard that Kimber brought out its very first revolver this year. You very well may know that… more »


Mission-Configurable Carbine: SIG SAUER MCX

by Steve Gash

Firearms enthusiasts love controversy. No facet or feature is too small to elicit a spate of friendly wrangling. For handguns,… more »


The 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum

by Joseph von Benedikt

Weatherby’s new magnum is the biggest, fastest 6.5mm cartridge in the world. You could call it a “Formula One” cartridge…. more »


A Top Ten 10mm: Les Baer Premier II 10mm

by Joel J Hutchcroft

The 10mm Auto cartridge is one of those rounds that has a cult following. And although the cartridge is experiencing… more »


Rock River Arms LAR-15: An AR Mountain Rifle

by Steve Gash

Everybody knows that modern sporting rifles on the AR-15 platform are some of today’s most popular firearms. A lot of… more »

Springfield Armory AR SAINT

Springfield Armory AR SAINT

by Steve Gash

Springfield Armory’s first-ever AR, called the SAINT, is a direct-impingement AR with upper and lower receivers forged of 7075 T6… more »


Dangerous Game Bullets

by Allan Jones

I became interested in dangerous-game bullet technology more than 35 years ago when a major magazine ran an article with pictures… more »