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How To Make .243 From .308 Successfully

by Lane Pearce 0

Necking down rifle brass is not always simple and trouble-free.


Reloading the .300 Savage

by Lane Pearce 0

The .300 Savage is an old but very capable cartridge. And the vintage rifles I used for developing my hand-loads… more »


Reloading the .44 Magnum

by Layne Simpson 0

When the .44 Magnum was introduced in 1955, Hercules 2400 and IMR 4227 soon became the most popular powders for .44… more »


Loading the .300 Whisper

by Lane Pearce 0

If you follow my column, you probably know I’m a retired aerospace engineer. Engineers are naturally curious, so my avid… more »


Reminiscences on Reloading

by Bart Skelton 2

My recollection of the first time I seated a bullet into a primed and charged cartridge case has long since… more »


New RCBS Products for 2016

by Evan Brune 0

Pro Chucker Tube Case Feeder The Pro Chucker Tube Case Feeder installs on the RCBS Pro Chucker 5 or Pro… more »


First Look: Alliant Powders for 2016

by Evan Brune 4

Reloder 16 Repeatable long-range accuracy demands propellant that behaves consistently across temperature extremes. New Alliant Powder Reloder 16, like Reloder 23 and… more »


Money-Saving Reloading Tips

by Brad Miller, Ph.D. 5

Shooting is fun, whether it’s for hunting, competition or simply plinking. It’s also expensive. Ammo costs money. Sometimes a lot… more »


Five Great New Reloading Tools

by Brad Miller, Ph.D. 1

Loading your own ammunition is rewarding at many levels. It can even be therapeutic. But it takes time and effort,… more »


Handloading 960 Rowland

by Brad Miller, Ph.D. 5

Johnny Rowland introduced a new pistol cartridge in 2014, the 960 Rowland. It is a high-powered 9mm caliber cartridge and… more »

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