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Lyman Products Reloading Kits Include Essential Tools to Start Reloading

by Shooting Times Online Editors   |  April 24th, 2018 0


Lyman Products is introducing three new reloading presses in 2018: the Brass Smith Ideal Press, a single-operation press; the Brass Smith Victory Press, a foundational press with a straight line primer feed; and the Brass Smith All-American 8 Turret Press for increased efficiency of reloading quantities.

“The three reloading kits are a fantastic opportunity to get started in reloading at a significant savings,” Trevor Mullen, VP of Global Marketing and Business Development for Lyman Products, said. “By kitting our three new presses with the right accessories, a reloader can feel confident he or she has purchased quality, reliable tools to embark on an enjoyable hobby, and has saved money and time in the process.”

All of the new Lyman reloading presses are American made and are made for long lasting performance. The Ideal Reloading Kit is available now, and retails at $249.95. The Victory Reloading Kit retails for $354.95 and the All-American 8 retails for $499.95 and both will be available in a few weeks.

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