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Mission-Configurable Carbine: SIG SAUER MCX

by Steve Gash 0

Firearms enthusiasts love controversy. No facet or feature is too small to elicit a spate of friendly wrangling. For handguns,… more »


Rock River Arms LAR-15: An AR Mountain Rifle

by Steve Gash 0

Everybody knows that modern sporting rifles on the AR-15 platform are some of today’s most popular firearms. A lot of… more »

Springfield Armory AR SAINT

Springfield Armory AR SAINT

by Steve Gash 0

Springfield Armory’s first-ever AR, called the SAINT, is a direct-impingement AR with upper and lower receivers forged of 7075 T6… more »


Vintage Rimfire: Savage Model 1903

by Joel J Hutchcroft 0

One of the great things about being a gun accumulator—as opposed to being a gun collector—is that I can acquire just… more »

ruger_1022_international featured

The Ruger 10/22: Then & Now

by Bart Skelton 6

The year 1964 brought us the Ford Mustang, Buffalo wings, the Moog synthesizer, and liquid crystal display (LCD) as well… more »


Franklin Armory F17 AR in .17 WSM

by Layne Simpson 5

When adding the .17 Winchester Super Magnum chambering to its AR-15 style rifle during early 2014, Franklin Armory became the first… more »


History of the Ruger Mini-14

by Vincent Buckles 24

Leroy James “Jim” Sullivan and William Batternman “Bill” Ruger are names that may not have quite the same household recognition… more »


POF USA Goes ‘Olde School’

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF USA) is best known for its outstanding piston-driven AR-type rifles, but Olde School, the company’s new model,… more »

BB_1 copy

Henry Big Boy .44 Magnum Review

by Jim Grant 8

Ever since Dirty Harry, the .44 Magnum cartridge has captured the imaginations of millions. At the time of film’s release,… more »


Ruger AR-556 Review

by Joel J Hutchcroft 53

When Ruger announced about five years ago that it was making an AR-style rifle, the gun world went wild. That… more »

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