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The Ruger 10/22: Then & Now

by Bart Skelton 12

The year 1964 brought us the Ford Mustang, Buffalo wings, the Moog synthesizer, and liquid crystal display (LCD) as well… more »


Franklin Armory F17 AR in .17 WSM

by Layne Simpson 5

When adding the .17 Winchester Super Magnum chambering to its AR-15 style rifle during early 2014, Franklin Armory became the first… more »


Ruger’s 50th Anniversary Model 10/22

by Joel J Hutchcroft 4

To commemorate 50 years of production of the 10/22, Sturm, Ruger & Co. conducted a contest. People were invited to… more »


Anschütz MSR RX22 Review

by Frank W. James 2

The term “modern sporting rifle” (MSR) is important because it denotes the progression of the semiautomatic rifle. For close to… more »

Ruger American Rimfire

Ruger American Rimfire Review

by Jonathan Case 10

Who would have thought a new bolt-action rimfire rifle could be a game-changer? I mean, everything is all about autoloaders… more »


8 Best Ruger 10/22 Replacement Stocks

by Joel J Hutchcroft 19

Ruger’s 10/22 semi-automatic .22 LR rifle is one of the most user-modified guns in the world, so there are more aftermarket accessories and equipment made… more »


Super .17 WSM: Savage B-Mag Review

by Joseph von Benedikt 21

Neck down a .270-diameter, concrete-nail-driving industrial rimfire blank to accept a .17-caliber jacketed bullet and what do you get? The… more »


Magnum Research MLR22AT Review

by Joel J Hutchcroft 2

You’ve probably already read Layne Simpson’s exclusive report on Kimber’s new flyweight Mountain Ascent rifle elsewhere on this website. Well,… more »

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