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You Wish You Could Own These Custom Rifles

by Joseph von Benedikt   |  April 16th, 2013 0

Now and then, a gun guy will catch a glimpse of a truly unique firearm among reviews of polymer pistols or tacticool rifles. These beautiful works of art are a testament to old-style craftsmanship, but the price tag is usually just under a second mortgage. In those instances, we can only dream of what we’d snatch up had our bank accounts been bottomless; oh, the treasures we’d stash our safes with.

Alas, we’re not millionaires—well, we don’t know about you anyway—so our only option is to sit and let our minds drift to that phrase we’ve uttered far too often: “If only.” You may have real-world responsibilities to take care of, but while we can still dream, here are some incredible custom rifles you only wish you could own.

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