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SHOT Show 2013 Optics

Introducing the Bushnell XRS

by Shooting Times News   |  January 17th, 2013 12

Bushnell introduced the brand new Bushnell XRS riflescope during the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The latest addition to Bushnell’s Elite Tactical line, the XRS (Extreme Range Scope) is a 4.5-30x50mm scope with side parallax focus, Bushnell’s new Z-Lok zero stop mechanism and the T-Lok locking target turrets. The XRS is available with three different mil-based reticles and will retail for $2,149. Check out the video from SHOT Show.

  • Fred B

    It would have been nice if he had actually shown us a POV looking in the scope or anything about the reticles or…… ????
    This really was below what one would expect for a product introduction to say the very least.

    • Ryan

      Fred, look up the G2 Reticle and the H58 in google images, change the results to LARGE. You’ll get a good idea of what they look like.

  • Starky

    I think Bushnell is going to have a hard time breaking into the high end scope market. Not that the scope is not good or very good but if I am going to spend $2,000.00 + on a scope it will be a Night Force.

    • Ryan

      What First Focal Plane nightforce is $1,999? I’ll save you some time, it does not exist. The 5-25 is in the $3600-$4,000 range. The 3-15 F1 is around $2300-2500.

  • teesquare

    I would not sell Bushnell short ( not excusing a poor video presentation ) The 6500 Elite series is brighter and more crisp image than any LEUPOLD I have used ( and – I have used their best)

    You will find that many police SWAT shooters are currently switching to the new Bushnell Tactical Elite…..that says something about the quality of these – doesn't it?

    • DDearborn


      Of course police departments don't pay retail they get a substantial discount. The rest of us will think at least twice before dropping more than 2K on a Bushnell.


    2000 bucks for a Bushnell?…….they make good scopes but not 2000 dollar scopes that's outrageous. If I'm going to drop that kind of cash it would be a Nightforce or a German made scope like a Zeiss etc.

    • Ryan

      When you find a 20x First focal plane nightforce for $2,000 let me know. These are tough as nails, and are one of the most used scopes in tactical matches. I have one of the first gens and I just ordered the ERS. Only thing I’d upgrade to is a premier, nothing else really warrants the price difference.

      Nothing against Nightforce I’ve owned plenty of them.

  • teesquare

    Well "deadtime"…I realize this may be a different concept – but buying based on brand name alone is a sure way to not get the best value.
    Most manufacturers make some good, and not as good products – when compared to others for other makers.
    I own a Zeiss rangefinder. Like it better than the offering from Leica…but – most would tell you that Leica is the superior optic in a rangefinder.
    So – I tried a Zeiss scope – and compared it to the Bushenll Elite. The Elite is a hair brighter, just a crisp, renders colors as well. To boot – you can use the Bushnell Elite for ONE YEAR – and return it if it does not meet you expectations…..And it is considerably less expensive – yet has the same lifetime warranty.
    So – before you turn over your wallet for a brand name – how about at least giving an American comapny like Bushnell a try? I was quite surprised when someone recommended the Elite…But I am glad it tried it.

  • Dangerousdave

    I want to see the bona fides that all the components of this item by this American Company are made in America before I start waiving the old red white and blue.
    Not to say this isn't a fine product. But most of their products and components are made else where.
    In other words out sourced.

    • Ryan

      Well the glass is from Japan that’s for sure. It’s a sweet product, I have the G2DMR and it can’t be beat for the price.

  • teesquare

    Gee – dve…do you do that when you by a car? <G>…?

    My point is that not even Leupold has all of it's components made here anymore – yet, it is still an American company.

    The glas for teh Elite serise of Bushnell's is made by L.O.W. ( Light Optical Works) in Japan. The same plant that makes Nightforce and Trijicon…definitely not a negative .

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