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9 Must-Have Gun Accessories for Doomsday Survival

by Andrew Smith   |  September 5th, 2012 15

Katrina replays, earthquake flurries, political unrest, and oh yes, zombies. These are perilous times. No longer are you the nutcase (you clicked on this article, didn’t you?). You’re the norm, the prudent solid citizen preparing for the time when the evening jaunt to the corner grocer may be fraught with peril that has little to do with the indigestion left by those heavenly spicy mini-tacos.

Now, the happy-in-their-iPad-bubble unprepared are the nutcases. Disaster looms, and whether it’s via super volcano or a super virus, it pays to be prepared. The following will help you ensure that your bug-out-bag is not only properly equipped to feed and protect you and yours, but to maintain the tools that do so.

By now, we all have (or should have) our 72-hour kits packed and ready to go. Most of these kits include food and water, first aid, heat/light source and a change of clothing. In addition to these supplies, many people consider firearms to be an essential part of their kit; however, proper firearm supplies are often omitted from bug-out bag shakedown lists.

On the plus side, most shooters already know and own everything that they should include; for the most part, it’s the same stuff we keep in our range bags—minus the melted Snickers bar and used ear plugs. Just remember, all items should be able to serve multiple purposes to be as space/weight efficient as possible.

  • Garrett May

    Insightful and funny. I hope we hear more from Andrew Smith in the future.

  • Girl for Guns

    Nice writing Andrew. There are a lot of "last days" prepper-type coverage now in the media that can and is giving the wrong perception about decent, level-headed, careful, law-abiding gun owners, even though it's good to be prepared for anything. Isn't that a Boy Scout moto anyway? Sometimes the type of gear or firearm used can mislead others into thinking that peppers are the aggressors chomping at the bit for the next battle to come along, and gone are the days of a pocket filled with pepper-spray from that creep following you at night, it's let's pull out the AR. And yet almost every gun owner I know wants to be able to shoot accurately and use the best gear out there while hoping they never have to under anything but civil and peaceful circumstances- something not emphasised enough. Good gear review, thanks!

  • Mitch

    Would not purchase a Leatherman. He has a history of providing funding for the anti's that are working to restrict our firearm rights. He may make a good product but his politic's stink.

    • SkyGunner

      Didn't know that. Thanks for the info. I won't be buying another leatherman, nor will any of my friends.

    • JackB

      Citations please! Way too much bullshit on the internet.

  • B. Hunter

    He is forgetting one thing……storage! I picked up a TGS-1824 for all my prepping needs!

  • Robert Mccallum

    I am indeed a prepper. Some of my family and friends think if slightly off ,but I'm ok with that. I REALLY don't want anything to happen, whether it's a pandemic,natural disaster, terrorist, or issues within our own Gov. I really hope nothing ever goes wrong. I love Pizza on fridays and Boating on the weekends and all the comforts of this easy life. but to think that nothing can go wrong is really putting your head in the sand. I try to look at my prepping as insurance. have it and hope you don't need it

  • Richard

    Most of the time these article on survival list useless things but in that case, although quite a bit ( in my opinion at least ) is missing, what they list is quite spot-on. And to mention carrying a Glock sure is a good start …

  • Jeepers Creepers

    I like the leatherman mutt tool. Much needed. I'm not much on semi auto firearms of any kind unless it is an Desert Eagle. A good lever action or the Remy 5.56 pump that uses AR drop out mags. (not sure of manufacture). To each his own choosing. What is ugly to one person is a gem to some one else.

  • SkyGunner

    These people that laugh at preppers are going to be caught short if things do go crazy. If they have any food or water etc. they will watch it leaving, as people who have nothing will forcefully take what they want from unprepared nuts who think," everything is going to be o.k., I don't need a weapon." Once the cities run out of food, water and other basic necessities, hundreds of thousands will start scouring the countryside for them and when found will do whatever it takes to take it. There will be massive amounts of people dying from starvation, disease and murder the first year. Then it will be survival of the fittest!

  • Desert Rat

    #10- A suppressed 22 rimfire pistol. Noise attracts.

  • Tony

    A recurve bow and arrows is great for hunting and quieter than a gun (compounds are too prone to go haywire) a good slin gshot with 1/4 to 5/16" ball bearing is great too

  • Herman Clark

    I know, its kind-of fun planning for that BIG EVENT, that no one knows for sure is go8ing to happen, or where. I was with Search And Rescue, with the Sheriffs Department, for several years. The best plan, is to have your home stocked, with all the necessary essentials, that you use for every day "survival." Your home is the best survival option, you have. If your plan, only has a survival bag of tricks, you had better take it with you even if you go to the "John". Most survival situations, only last a couple weeks. After that you might need some of the tricks in your survival pack, including a good high power handgun, like a 44 Mag, 45 long colt. and maybe a 22 cal rifle, for small game. There will always be something you will forget, like a good kniffe or Leatherman. Practice and experience make for better survival. Go out, for three days, in the woods or desert, and live off the land. Take no food or water or any of your survival stuff, Just your kniffe. You will be surprised at what you will learn.

  • Dale Raby

    Best option, if possible, is to not bug out at all. You really can’t carry enough stuff to keep you alive for long under most SHTF scenarios, but you CAN assemble a pretty good hoard of stuff in most homes. One small item I would add to this list, though, is a set of parts that commonly break or get lost. I.e.: springs, extractors, screws etc. Yeah, a competent blacksmith could possibly make you a hammer spring for your Colt SAA, but you might not live close to me and there aren’t very many of us out there these days. Also, I might demand one of your daughters as payment. ;)

  • Realist

    Did you have your doomsday yet? This publication has shit on their credibility to sell guns an’ ammo to all you good ol’ boeys…
    What a bunch of frightful whack-jobs!
    I just had voice my opinion..look at the effing title here…lmao!
    (I was looking for something to buy, but this crap changed my mind…
    Oh, and I don’t give the slightest shit what you think, so don’t waste your time.)

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