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Building the Perfect Bump-Fire .22 with Plinker Tactical and Slide Fire

by Shooting Times News   |  September 18th, 2012 10

Looking for tons of gun fun at a fraction of the normal cost? Plinker Tactical’s got you covered. Shooting Times editor Joseph von Benedikt hit the range recently with the brand new Plinker Tactical 35-round magazine made especially for the Smith & Wesson M&P15-22, the price tag on a day at the range goes way down. Not only are they well-built and sturdy, but the mags feed flawlessly with a Slide Fire stock. Plinker Tactical also offers a loading assist tool, making reloading the mag a breeze and saving plenty of time.

In addition, Plinker Tactical offers an improved charging handle for the M&P15-22, which allows for ambidextrous charging, plus an extended handle that allows for easier use while shouldering the rifle.



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  • Matt

    Why would a person want to "bump-fire" a gun?
    I didn't see any grouping / targets.
    Is this idea for those without sufficient maturity to be operating a firearm?
    Responsibility, accuracy, proficiency; none of these seem to align with "bump-fire".

    • U Cant Want That

      I have a similar question: Why would anybody want broccoli? Obviously since I don't want any, nobody else should want any either. Clearly, we should ban broccoli.

  • Michael

    It's just plain fun Matt! Along your thinking, a person only needs a single shot rifle for anything.

  • Jeremy Armour

    A person would want a 'bump-fire' stock for the same reason that a person would want a fully automatic weapon: THEY'RE A HELL OF A LOT OF FUN TO SHOOT!!!!! Shooting doesn't always have to be about getting the smallest group, hitting the farthest target or training to get the bad guy. Sometimes it is purely about having some fun, and there is NOTHING irresponsible about that!!! I truly pity those who are unable to see this for themselves!

    BTW, I would love a set-up like that!

  • Starky

    It would be fun as hell but not cheap to set up. With stock, trigger and magazines your $500 to $600, plus with the cost of the rifle your closing in on a grand. Not to mention with a teenage son I would have to by .22 ammo by the pallet. One pallet for me and one for him.

    • Jeremy Armour

      xYou're pretty close on the price. I checked it out at Midway USA and figured just over $500 for the stock & trigger. I already have the rifle & several mags, but if you have to add those in too you're looking at $1,000 – $1,100 total. Still, that's a hell of a lot cheaper than $5,000-$25,000+ for a real select-fire rifle! And you'd cover the cost of the rifle, trigger & mags pretty quick if you went this route rather than putting the Slidefire stock on a centerfire AR15! I've been considering getting one of those Just Right Carbines in 9x19mm & putting a Slidefire stock on it. It wouldn't really be an MP5, but close enough and for around $15,000 less money too!!!

  • james

    I have the performance center version which has a 4 pound match trigger in it will this work?

    • Jeremy Armour

      The only way to know for sure would be to try it, or find someone who has. It's likelihood you would have to change out the trigger. You need as little resistance as possible to make a bumpfire stock work on a .22 rimfire. On the upside, it might work, and if not you'd have a 4 pound match trigger to put into another AR!

      • james

        thanks for the advice I will be getting the charging handle and stock probaply next spring

  • Jason Yang

    which trigger style would work better? curve or flat? i figure the flat one, but what you think?

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