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erry’s choice for a dangerous-game backup gun is his .44 Magnum S&W Mountain Gun. Tucked in a behind-the-hip holster, it is always on his belt, always available, yet out of the way. Carrying it has become as natural as wearing boots.

My Choice For A Dangerous Game Backup Gun

by Shooting Times Online Editors 0

The most important quality in a firearm for dangerous game – even more important than functioning reliability – is having it in your hands when you need it.


Loading Down the .44 Magnum Safely

by Lane Pearce 0

Reducing the power of .44 Magnum handloads can be easily and safely accomplished, but some attention needs to be paid to certain aspects.

Deerstalker and Blackhawk

How do Handgun Cartridges Perform in Rifle Barrels?

by Allan Jones 17

The idea of having a handgun and a rifle or carbine that shoot the same cartridge is an old one,… more »

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