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Dixie Gun Works Revolving Rifle

Dixie Gun Works Revolving Rifle

by admin 7

The Dixie Gun Works 6-shot .44 caliber revolving rifle is built exactly like the Colt revolving rifle from the 1850s,… more »


Tips For Better In-Line Accuracy

by Scott E. Mayer 9

Want some simple tips to wring the most accuracy out of your in-line muzzleloader? Just as with metallic cartridge rifles,… more »

It's about to get really loud!

Cannons Roar At the 123 N-SSA Nationals

by Scott E. Mayer 6

Guns & Ammo was on the line and at Sutler’s Row at the recent North-South Skirmish Association’s 123 National Skirmish…. more »

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