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Colt Model 1877

Colt’s First Double: The Colt Model 1877 Review

by Bart Skelton 5

It was Mike Laney’s fault. I definitely blame him. I pretty much grew up on the Laney Ranch, located on… more »

Paraphrasing a popular coffee-cake jingle of old, “Nobody doesn’t like the single action.”

Why The Single-Action Revolver Is Timeless

by Joel J Hutchcroft 23

The single-action revolver is alive and doing very well in this the 21st century because of its timeless appeal. A… more »


Colts on Display in California

by Scott E. Mayer 1

On July 23, 2011, the Autry National Center Museum in Los Angeles, California, will unveil an exhibition in the Greg… more »

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