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In the .380’s favor for pocket carry or backup use are guns that are smaller and lighter than the smallest and lightest 9mms.
When both are fully loaded, Kimber’s Micro 380 (left) is 5.5 ounces lighter and half an inch shorter than the Micro 9 (right).

Why You Should Choose a .380 ACP Semiauto for Self-Defense

by Layne Simpson 0

As the old saying goes, a .380 in the pocket when something really bad happens is better than a .45 left at home.

Once she found the right gun for her, Chris quickly became proficient on steel silhouette targets and falling steel plates.

Get The Right Gun

by G&A Staff 0

Learning to shoot correctly and proficiently in order to defend yourself requires finding the right gun for you.

Glock is offering a new Silver Anniversary Model 17 Gen4 9mm pistol

Silver Anniversary Glock Gen4

by Joel J Hutchcroft 13

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Glock pistols in the United States, Glock is offering a new Silver Anniversary Glock… more »

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