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How to Customize Your Mossberg 500

by Joseph von Benedikt 10

When I brought home my newly customized Mossberg 500 for my wife to see and laid it on the table… more »


Smoothbore Supremacy: New Shotguns for 2012

by Skip Knowles 8

Soft-kicking semiautos, a mutant pump, the return of the A-5, and more. Are you planning on buying a shotgun this… more »


.30-30 for Bears

by Joseph von Benedikt 8

  I just returned from a black bear hunt in northern Alberta, where I tested Hornady’s new 140-grain MonoFlex .30-30… more »


Mossberg’s 4×4 Bolt Action Is A Real Tack Driver

by Greg Rodriguez 0

The bolt-action Model 4×4 from Mossberg delivers tackdriving accuracy and is an affordable, innovative design. Mossberg has always been known… more »

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