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9 Must-Have Gun Accessories for Doomsday Survival

by Andrew Smith 16

Irma replays, earthquake flurries, political unrest, and oh yes, zombies. These are perilous times. No longer are you the nutcase… more »


A Flawless Flyweight: Kimber Model 84M Mountain Ascent Review

by Layne Simpson 13

The Kimber Model 84M and I go back to almost its beginning. In 2002 I took one of only two… more »


Africa’s Disasters: How to Avoid Hunting Tragedies

by Greg Rodriguez 2

This safari season has been a bad one for professional hunters. As I write this, I know of three who… more »


How to Cast Your Own Bullets

by Layne Simpson 1

I started casting bullets soon after buying my first Smith & Wesson Model 29. In those days the price of… more »


6.5mm Grendel: The Round the Military Ought to Have

by J. Guthrie 31

After almost two hours of discussing the long, tortured, and circuitous development and production history of the 6.5mm Grendel, I… more »


How to Customize Your Mossberg 500

by Joseph von Benedikt 10

When I brought home my newly customized Mossberg 500 for my wife to see and laid it on the table… more »


How to Prevent Centerfire Misfires

by Allan Jones 3

In my last column, I wrote about misfires in rimfire ammo, and so this time I’ll cover centerfire ammo, where… more »


How to Prevent Rimfire Misfires

by Allan Jones 14

Misfires are anathemas to shooters. Getting a “click” when you expect a “bang” is infuriating whether you are plinking into… more »


Rising Phoenix: Smith & Wesson Model 586 Review

by Joel J Hutchcroft 32

Like a phoenix out of the ashes, Smith & Wesson’s classic, double-action, blued-steel, full-lug-barreled, .357 Magnum L-Frame Model 586 revolver… more »


Les Baer Custom Stinger .38 Super Review

by Joel J Hutchcroft 3

Two years ago I reviewed the full-size Les Baer Custom Premier II 1911 in .38 Super, and I liked the… more »

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