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AR-15 Debate: Can the .300 Blackout Really Replace the 5.56?

by Greg Rodriguez 84

The M4 platform has its detractors, but as long as it’s kept relatively clean and well lubricated, it is as… more »


Purpose Built for Pork: Savage Hog Hunter Review

by Greg Rodriguez 23

Though they are not one of our more glamorous game species, feral hogs are quickly becoming our most popular because… more »

Bump-Fire 22

Building the Perfect Bump-Fire .22 with Plinker Tactical and Slide Fire

by Shooting Times News 10

Looking for tons of gun fun at a fraction of the normal cost? Plinker Tactical’s got you covered. Shooting Times… more »


Ruger 10/22 Takedown Review

by Joel J Hutchcroft 13

Well, Ruger has finally done it. The company has introduced a takedown 10/22. And it sure is a neat little… more »


Reloading the .30-06: Versatile and Reliable

by Lane Pearce 16

Not long ago I found a treasure trove in the form of a bunch of old gun magazines destined for… more »


Class Glass: The 12 Best Optics for 2012

by Joel J Hutchcroft 6

There’s a plethora of awesome new optics for shooters and hunters—everything from solar-powered red-dot sights to laser rangefinders, spotting scopes,… more »


Shoot That Old-Timer! How to Clean and Shoot Old Rifles

by Reid Coffield 15

Nope, I’m not talkin’ about puttin’ Grandpa or Uncle Fred down. What I am talking about is pulling that old… more »


Tactical Rugged: Alexander Arms GSR Review

by Joel J Hutchcroft 30

I am not now—and never have been—a sniper. I don’t have the training. Heck, I don’t have the basic ability… more »


History’s Greatest Sniper Rifles: The Lee Enfield No. 4 Mk. 1 (T)

by David Fortier 19

While some wartime German, Soviet, and American World War II sniper rifles received accuracy-enhancing modifications, the majority were actually rather… more »


‘Hero’ in Seattle Mass Murder Threw Stools at Shooter

by Shooting Times News 37

By now, we’ve probably all heard about the horrifying Seattle mass murder May 30 at the coffee shop Cafe Racer,… more »

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