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Rising Phoenix: Smith & Wesson Model 586 Review

by Joel J Hutchcroft 32

Like a phoenix out of the ashes, Smith & Wesson’s classic, double-action, blued-steel, full-lug-barreled, .357 Magnum L-Frame Model 586 revolver… more »

Bump-Fire 22

Building the Perfect Bump-Fire .22 with Plinker Tactical and Slide Fire

by Shooting Times News 10

Looking for tons of gun fun at a fraction of the normal cost? Plinker Tactical’s got you covered. Shooting Times… more »


Smith & Wesson M&P22 Review

by Joel J Hutchcroft 52

Smith & Wesson’s M&P22 is, according to the company, built for recreational shooting, personal protection, home protection, and professional training…. more »

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Introducing the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

by Joseph von Benedikt 45

  Smith & Wesson has just announced its new Shield handgun. It’s an addition to the M&P line and fills… more »

Big S&W

Shield Yourself: The Next Big Thing from Smith & Wesson

by Joseph von Benedikt 15

In less than a week, Smith & Wesson will announce a significant new product. “Shield yourself,” hints the teaser on… more »

Model 1, .22 Short (1857) — first revolver to shoot a self-contained cartridge.

Ten Most Significant Smith & Wessons

by G&A Staff 28

Technical Editor Dick Metcalf put together this photo array of the top 10 most significant Smith & Wesson handguns of… more »

Picture 10

S&W Models 60 and 627 Pro Series

by Brock Norman 3

Join Bart Skelton at the range as he shoots it out with these Smith & Wesson revolvers. http://brightcove=309198181001

The new .500 S&W Magnum dwarfs other big-bore cartridges that are currently available for production-manufactured revolvers.

Smith & Wesson’s Monster Magnum

by G&A Staff 4

Chambered for an all-new .50-caliber magnum cartridge, the new S&W Model 500 double-action revolver needs no hype. The Model 500… more »


Smith & Wesson M&P: A Semiautomatic Pistol Worthy Of Its Name

by Paul Scarlata 0

If Smith & Wesson’s M&P Pistol proves to be to auto pistols what the original M&P revolver was to wheelguns,… more »


Smith & Wesson’s 12 Most Important Guns

by G&A Staff 2

For 150 years S&W firearms have been changing history. Here are our Technical Editor’s picks for the dozen most influential… more »

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