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Clint Eastwood: “Get Off My Lawn”

by Joseph von Benedikt   |  February 6th, 2012 17
Von Benedikt and Eastwood

Shooting Times Editor-in-Chief Joseph Von Benedikt proudly displays his mini-shrine to Clint Eastwood, along with a beautiful 1886 Winchester, customized by Turnbull Mfg. and chambered to .475 Turnbull caliber.

Though we can’t validate the following Clint Eastwood story, we hope every word of it is true.

During the Rodney King riots, a Hollywood gun shop (no longer in existence) received a knock on its back door early one morning. I was told the following tale by the gun-counter clerk that opened the door—thinking it was another employee. To the clerk’s shock Clint Eastwood stood there, alone. The shop wasn’t open, but who leaves Eastwood standing in the morning dawn on the back door-stoop?

The clerk invited Eastwood in. By store policy ammunition was not sold by the case. Eastwood asked for two cases of 12-gauge buckshot. My acquaintance rung up two cases of buckshot. Curious, he mustered the courage to inquire, “May I ask what you’re planning to shoot with this?”

In classic style, Eastwood replied, “Just want it on hand in case I have to clear off my lawn.”

To you fans of Eastwood’s outstanding film Gran Torino, the words will have a ring of authenticity. Again, we can’t verify whether this story is truth or fiction, but if anyone can, we’d be very grateful.

For those holed up in a snow cave somewhere who missed the Super Bowl, here’s a look at the half-time commercial that has everybody buzzing about Clint Eastwood.

  • Le SKipper

    Nice piece! Clint Eastwood is my president. that is one sexy rifle.

  • Jento

    He's one cool dude. Wonder if he enjoys guns as much as all his movies would imply.

  • D Ray East

    You folks might remember that at the time of the Rodney King trial. Clint Eastwood was or had recently been the mayor of Carmel CA. So He may have picked them up for the Carmel PD.

  • Ranny

    L.A. Riots occurred in April/May 1992. Gran Torino movie was released in 2008.

  • desert shellback

    Why not just ask Rowdy?

  • vegas


  • JOHN

    It would make my day if Clint would run for Prez.He would know his limitations.

  • Spoon Carver

    We had one cowboy movie star president that was damned good (the best ). Perhaps Eastwood could be a close second. Draft him.

  • a friend

    This note is for you:

    Idiot!, Clint was asked how he liked his sex…….The answer was: Without conversation.

  • jerry

    Very nice, Wish he was my neighbor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gaffer

    Many years ago I lived in Monterrey, CA. While there I had a chance to shoot at a very nice range up in one of the nearby canyons. I was told by the fellow who invited us there that the range had been built by Clint Eastwood and James Garner after the local council refused to approve utility hookups for a housing development they wanted to build on that land. They decided to build the shooting range instead because a) it wouldn't need the council's permission (no utilities), and b) it would seriously annoy the council members!

  • BambiB

    I like Clint. I enjoy his movies and I like the "take no BS" attitude he projects.

    But Eastwood would probably be the first to tell you there's a huge difference between Hollywood and government. In Hollywood, you can rewrite the ending with a flick of a writer's hand.

    Government is more difficult.

    When it comes to understanding what America REALLY needs, where the problems REALLY are and what we must do to solve them, no candidate surpasses Ron Paul.

    Actually, no other candidate even comes close.

    This election you have a choice between mirage and reality. Between fairy tales and cold reality. Ron Paul doesn't hand out warm fuzzies. Like Clint, he tells it like it is.

    The only two questions are: Can you handle the truth and do you love your Country?

    If so: Vote Ron Paul.

  • troop emonds

    I'm a fan of Clint for sure, but the best pro gun commercial was Made by William Shatner. Look up William Shatner on Gun Control. He ends up being confronted by a thug with a gun and refuses to go along with the hold up saying he does not agree with it, while we are trying to get our first African American to be the President. Eventually he agrees to hand over his wallet and watch, but pulls out a gun and shoots the robber several times…..he says to his colleage, thank god for guns, ah Jerry!

  • RickEagle

    Clint was there!!! Every bit of the story is true.!! He represents all of us fighting for our property rights and freedom. We may all need to clear our lawns someday and if we stick together no persons, government or country will want to mess with us.

  • matt aronson

    rent or buyer this great movie…gran torino; also, the first 'dirty harry movie.

  • guest

    Why not just call him and ask him about the story.

  • JMB

    Way to go Mr. Mayor. I wish the Mayor of Houston has as much balls as you, ummm I think she does. LOL.

    I am not a bigot this is a joke if the powers that be find this offensive,please dont print

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