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January 4th, 2011 7

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To order a new subscription or service a current subscription please visit our SUBSCRIBER SERVICE page or call 1 (800) 727-4353.

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David Diekmann, West Region

Matthew Segien, East Region

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Scott E. Mayer, Digital Editorial Director — Shooting

Letters To The Editor
Joseph von Benedikt, Editor– Shooting Times

  • Michael Schillinger

    I would like to give you an address change. My subscription number is: 0140700035328844 March 12 My name is:

    Michael Schillinger

    P.O. box 45

    Solebury, PA 18963

    I would like to change the address to:

    Michael Schillinger

    3144 N. Sugan Road

    New Hope, PA 18938

  • tiger mask

    don't send me two magazines. Extend my subscription. Why would you send two magazines to the same address.

  • Daniel McCarron

    Daniel McCarron

    I have a change of address :subscription#


    New address is

    Daniel McCarron

    249 Valley Dr.

    Farmington, Mo.63640

  • Allan Dodd

    I want to subscribe to your magazine- could you help me please

  • Evan_siembida

    I need a change of address.
    Subscription #: 0140700029637598. #1207 APR13

    My new address is:

    Evan Siembida
    15577 state route 691
    APT 243 nelsonville, Ohio 45764

    Thanks guys!

  • k. hunter

    Re: "Leopard Stoppers"
    A cheap, obvious answer would be a Marlin 95 in 45-70.
    short, fast handling, reasonably priced, deadly.
    In fact the sale of the Blaser would enablethe purchase several 95"s./

  • Keith Howell

    RE: "Punishers"

    With regard to your story in the March issue about the gold tiger striped Desert Eagle. All I can say is: I am forced to paraphrase General George S. Patton…"Only a pimp from a cheap New Orleans whore house would own such a thing!!!" OMG!!! The only thing this thing is punishing is my eyes and my aesthetic values! OUCH!

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