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Interchange with Ease: The Thompson/Center Dimension Rifle

by J. Guthrie   |  January 17th, 2012 11

Wrap your head around this: Thompson/Center is building a switch-barrel bolt action—the Dimension—that will handle most cartridges from .204 Ruger to the big magnums—potentially even African “Express” type cartridges—and it will cost under $600. New barrels will be around $200. Changing barrels/calibers takes only a couple of minutes. Click through the following photos to see just how easy it is.

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Step 1: Remove the bolt, and turn out the rear bridge mount screw (if you opted to use the basic Weaver bases rather than upgrade to the bridge mount, this step is unnecessary).

  • Kernunnos68

    If anyone could pull off such a product, it would be T/C. the only thing that sucks is I just bought a Venture yesterday, had I known about this I could've had multiple rifles for one, oh well it sucks to be me.

  • Fred

    I love to build custom rifles on old Mauser and Remington actions. This almost eliminates the incentive for such activities!

  • Draeger

    of course, they can't bother to mention what calibers it comes in

    • Steven Parker

      .204,.223,.22-250,.243,7mm-08,.308,270,.30-06,7mm mag,.300win mag.

  • Skagit Skypilot

    This looks like something out of Buck Rogers. However if T/C is doing it, said product will probably perform as advertised.

  • RC29 johnny k

    No real surprise here to those of us who own a contender or encore. It was just something we have been waiting for. I am also sure that the fit -finish and workmanship will be T/C and that says it all.

  • Jerry allen, AL

    Finally an option other than a overpriced encore and barrels. Looks like to many parts to break like most spaceships. We'll see !!!!!!!

  • Steven Parker

    Only problem I have is they are slow getting out the accessories.I have the gun but can't find the accessories.

  • Derek Ouellette

    This Is a bad idea for a lot of hunters who r technically challenged,
    N besides at around $600 for a complete rifle , minus scope why
    Not just buy another complete gun , by the time you buy another
    Barrel n magazine n stuff for a second caliber or gun you could
    Have just purchased another rifle minus having to dis-assemble
    N re-assemble for another caliber, neat idea just not worth the
    Time n money, D

  • Scott Reynolds

    Spent the last two months doing research and everything I heard was bad, apparently there is such a demand for them that the factory is cranking them out so fast quality control is taking a hit. I heard that information repeated by various sources. Then there is the lack of availability, I live in Wisconsin and the only place I could go look at one was Midwest Shooters Supply and they only had one in .30-06. I also saw a show on the Outdoorsman channel; in a segment showing attributes you don't want in a rifle during which they took a Dimension (they didn't identify the manufacturer but the stock is easily recognizable) stock and twisted it like a piece of rubber. Great Idea, wrong time to buy. Let them work the bugs out .

  • Randy Brinkman

    i own a t/c dimension in 243 yea the look is a bit out there but man is it comfortable the cheek piece makes it so that u hold it on your cheek in the same place every time and that just helps with accuracy being consistent mine is the 22″ barrel 1-10 twist with redfield revenge 6-18 power scope im shooting 3/4 groups at 100 yards with hornady custom 75 grain hp i just got it 3 days ago so when i get around to makeing reloads for it i bet i might be able to take a 1/4″ off that if not better but being right out of the box with great ammo 3/4″ group is realy hard to complain about if u are still in dought go to a gun store and just pick one up see how it feels and yes the trigger is user adjustable and it has 5r rifleing so instead of 6 lands and groves it only has 5 less following witch means more consistency in the accuracy area but on a final note i have to say i LOVE this rifle

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