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Shoot Your AR-15 Faster Than Ever With a Slide Fire Stock

by Joseph von Benedikt   |  July 22nd, 2011 89

The Slide Fire stock enables you to shoot extraordinarily fast rapid-fire strings from a semi-auto rifle. It’s safe, and it’s legal. You’ve got to try it to believe it. I didn’t believe it at first. I watched the Slide Fire promo, heard the hype, and wanted to believe it worked as touted. Until I got one mounted on an AR-15 and tried it, I simply couldn’t believe it worked as well as it does. Click here to see the NEW Slide Fire SSAK-47 XRS Stock in action!

Slide Fire SSAR-15

The capabilities offered by the Slide Fire system are going to be compared to full automatic fire, and it’s easy to see why, but very importantly, this is not a full auto system! Slide Fire Solutions went directly to the BATF during development and got the system inspected and approved as legal for civilian ownership. All it does is enhance the shooter’s ability to trip the trigger faster—much faster. And as we all know, the faster the funner.

Watch the video below to see the stock in action and for a demonstration on how to use it.


The typical reaction after introducing shooters to the Slide Fire stock is “Are you kidding? It’s legal? Really?” Really. Absolutely. In fact, the company includes a photocopy of the BATF approval letter with every stock shipped.

The system is easy to install and use, but must be mounted on an AR’s buffer tube. It takes maybe three minutes to install: (1) Pull your pistol grip off, (don’t loose the safety detent spring!), and replace it with the Slide Fire guide block. (2) Remove the collapsible stock from the buffer tube and slide the Slide Fire stock into place. Done.

At first I thought there must be some kind of spring pressure that should keep the gun either forward or rearward within its range of travel. There is not: It will slide freely forward and back for a distance of perhaps a half inch.

There’s a lockout feature on the bottom of the stock that allows shooters to disable the Slide Fire function. The result is normal semiautomatic functioning.

To use, mount the stock to your shoulder normally, maintaining a nice firm rearward pull on the pistol grip to keep it snugged into your shoulder. Grip the handguard with your off hand and pull rearward with it as well. Reach your trigger finger through the trigger guard and place the tip on the stock’s support step on the far side. Take the safety off, aim at your target, and keeping your trigger finger firmly in place, push forward on the handguard until the trigger contacts the trigger finger and the gun fires. Maintain the forward-pushing motion on the handguard. Recoil will thrust the gun rearward sliding it in the stock, which pulls the trigger away from the trigger finger and allows it to reset as the action ejects and chambers a fresh round. As you are still pushing forward with the off hand on the handguard, it will almost immediately bring the trigger forward again, contacting the trigger finger, firing again, and so it goes.

For exclusive footage with owner and founder Jeremiah Cottle, and to see him put the Slide Fire into action, watch the video below.


With practice, a shooter may control his rate of fire from 400 to 800 rounds per minute, or shoot two, three, or four rounds at a time, and just as easily fire single shots.

It’s incredibly safe, which is one of its greatest appeals. I’ve fired enough full-auto rifles to know that they can be tricky to control. Muzzle climb can occur frighteningly fast, leaving a shooter launching bullets over the horizon before he can get his finger off the trigger. Not so with the Slide Fire. The forward-pushing motion on the handguard that activates the system also brings the shooters focus forward and into the target, helping control the rapid shot strings. As an added benefit, if the muzzle begins to climb, the shooter will instinctively relax the push-pull firing motion, ceasing fire.

Currently stocks are only offered for AR-15s, but company owner and CEO Jeremiah Cottle gave me a sneak peak into the future. Projects are varied and vast, and include a model for the AK-47, Saiga shotgun, M1A, and more.


The Slide Fire stock enables you to shoot extraordinarily fast rapid-fire strings. It’s safe, it’s legal, and it’s only $369 bucks.

Slide Fire Solutions AK47

Slide Fire Solutions AK47 - Future Variation


Click here to see the NEW Slide Fire SSAK-47 XRS Stock in action!

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