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Shoot Your AR-15 Faster Than Ever With a Slide Fire Stock

by Joseph von Benedikt   |  July 22nd, 2011 89

The Slide Fire stock enables you to shoot extraordinarily fast rapid-fire strings from a semi-auto rifle. It’s safe, and it’s legal. You’ve got to try it to believe it. I didn’t believe it at first. I watched the Slide Fire promo, heard the hype, and wanted to believe it worked as touted. Until I got one mounted on an AR-15 and tried it, I simply couldn’t believe it worked as well as it does. Click here to see the NEW Slide Fire SSAK-47 XRS Stock in action!

Slide Fire SSAR-15

The capabilities offered by the Slide Fire system are going to be compared to full automatic fire, and it’s easy to see why, but very importantly, this is not a full auto system! Slide Fire Solutions went directly to the BATF during development and got the system inspected and approved as legal for civilian ownership. All it does is enhance the shooter’s ability to trip the trigger faster—much faster. And as we all know, the faster the funner.

Watch the video below to see the stock in action and for a demonstration on how to use it.

The typical reaction after introducing shooters to the Slide Fire stock is “Are you kidding? It’s legal? Really?” Really. Absolutely. In fact, the company includes a photocopy of the BATF approval letter with every stock shipped.

The system is easy to install and use, but must be mounted on an AR’s buffer tube. It takes maybe three minutes to install: (1) Pull your pistol grip off, (don’t loose the safety detent spring!), and replace it with the Slide Fire guide block. (2) Remove the collapsible stock from the buffer tube and slide the Slide Fire stock into place. Done.

At first I thought there must be some kind of spring pressure that should keep the gun either forward or rearward within its range of travel. There is not: It will slide freely forward and back for a distance of perhaps a half inch.

There’s a lockout feature on the bottom of the stock that allows shooters to disable the Slide Fire function. The result is normal semiautomatic functioning.

To use, mount the stock to your shoulder normally, maintaining a nice firm rearward pull on the pistol grip to keep it snugged into your shoulder. Grip the handguard with your off hand and pull rearward with it as well. Reach your trigger finger through the trigger guard and place the tip on the stock’s support step on the far side. Take the safety off, aim at your target, and keeping your trigger finger firmly in place, push forward on the handguard until the trigger contacts the trigger finger and the gun fires. Maintain the forward-pushing motion on the handguard. Recoil will thrust the gun rearward sliding it in the stock, which pulls the trigger away from the trigger finger and allows it to reset as the action ejects and chambers a fresh round. As you are still pushing forward with the off hand on the handguard, it will almost immediately bring the trigger forward again, contacting the trigger finger, firing again, and so it goes.

For exclusive footage with owner and founder Jeremiah Cottle, and to see him put the Slide Fire into action, watch the video below.

With practice, a shooter may control his rate of fire from 400 to 800 rounds per minute, or shoot two, three, or four rounds at a time, and just as easily fire single shots.

It’s incredibly safe, which is one of its greatest appeals. I’ve fired enough full-auto rifles to know that they can be tricky to control. Muzzle climb can occur frighteningly fast, leaving a shooter launching bullets over the horizon before he can get his finger off the trigger. Not so with the Slide Fire. The forward-pushing motion on the handguard that activates the system also brings the shooters focus forward and into the target, helping control the rapid shot strings. As an added benefit, if the muzzle begins to climb, the shooter will instinctively relax the push-pull firing motion, ceasing fire.

Currently stocks are only offered for AR-15s, but company owner and CEO Jeremiah Cottle gave me a sneak peak into the future. Projects are varied and vast, and include a model for the AK-47, Saiga shotgun, M1A, and more.

The Slide Fire stock enables you to shoot extraordinarily fast rapid-fire strings. It’s safe, it’s legal, and it’s only $369 bucks.

Slide Fire Solutions AK47

Slide Fire Solutions AK47 - Future Variation


Click here to see the NEW Slide Fire SSAK-47 XRS Stock in action!

  • Tim

    I'm left handed. Do you make a left handed model?

    • David Barber

      yes…… also a left handed SPADE

    • BK

      You will need to use a left handed metric crescent wrench to install it.

      • john r

        There is no such wrench, I guess no one caught it , John R

    • rich ferri BUMPFIRE STOCKS_hit the link for the BUMPMASTER_$225 each/two for $400 free shipping_AR-15 SLIDE STOCKS_$200 each/two for $350 free shipping_call 770-708-8558 24/7 for same day shipping

      • darren butrick

        trying to reach u want to order two bump stocks for ar 15 darren 253-261-3736

        • Paul

          does anyone know how to reach this guy ive also been trying to reach him or anyone know whats going on i just get voicemail with the number he puts out and left voicemails but dont get a call back

    • rich ferri

      · less than 1 minute ago BUMPFIRE STOCKS_hit the link for the BUMPMASTER_$225 each/two for $400 free shipping_AR-15 SLIDE STOCKS_$200 each/two for $350 free shipping_call 770-708-8558 24/7 for same day shipping

    • Craig

      yes. Yes they do.

  • Cody

    Very cool! Will have to get one of these for sure. Can't wait for the AK version.

  • Tim

    Nevermind, I see you DO have a lefty model.

  • RJ

    These were legal,then illegal,then legal, then illegal.Now legal again. ATF has been wishy-washy about the whole deal. There are several long threads about the concept on several auto sites. Tom Bowers was involved with one of the earlier variants but dropped it.

    • David Barber

      The SSAR -15 has been legal ever since its launch

    • Military Arms Channe

      The Atkins Accelerator used a spring in the stock to push the receiver of the rifle forward vs. using your off-hand to perform this function. It was a mechanical trigger actuator which is classified as a machine gun. Yes, the ATF approved it, but then changed their mind ONLY on that particular device. The SSAR15 stock lacks this spring and the only way the ATF could ban this stock is if they got Congress to ban semi-auto rifles… or trigger fingers.

      • Frank

        Good Point Military Arms!

        • Dustin

          From what i under stand there trying to take it all away on a daily basis :(.

  • Big Ray

    I have one and it works great. I love it. The AK will be a different animal. Looking at the prototype picture, the grip is terrible. I'm not paying as much for it as I did for the AR. They are making fat bucks now and to charge nearly as much for a stock as you do a gun is nuts. I'll pay $200 but no more. A Draco is $329………. I'd rather have another one of them. Come on guys try $189. That would be fair for something you will sell 50,000 units of.

  • ntrudr_800

    This is ridiculous! I don't care for it. Others who like it–more power to ya. Have fun! That's funny :D

  • Charlie

    Wow! Very impressive system. I like the lockout stock feature. Also how did you guys do the video perspective from the end of the gun? Did you mount the camera on the gun? Im also glad to see some more info on these stocks. I have seen many of the youtube videos but not really any that talk about the technical specifications. Also glad to know that the AK one is actually going to happen! :)

  • Big Ben

    Damn…nice groups in the second video! I can't wait to see the AK version in action!

  • M14

    It's less expensive than a true select-fire weapon and the corresponding batfe tax stamp, but I'm not a real fan. With practice you can bump-fire with your standard stock and use the money that you save by not buying this to buy ammunition instead. The fun quickly wears off after a few mag-dumps and you'll end up putting that nice collapsable stock that you already own back on and putting the slide fire up on eBay.

    If you truly want a full-auto, just get your form 4 signed by a CLEO or create a living trust, pay your $200 to the feds, and buy a true select-fire weapon that will increase in value. (And they are investments that do appreciate.)

    • Luc

      Would love to but my state won't allow it unless it is C&R elgible. Oh yeah, and I don't have an extra $5000-$20000 laying around to invest on a single firearm.

      The thing is cheap fun. Plain and simple.

    • DrDep

      ….unless you live in a state where they are illegal as I do.

  • http://yahoo razor

    how much are they.

    • Brock Norman


  • John

    Cool, but not $369 cool. Agree with Big Ray, I'd be a lot more likely to get one of these at $200 or less.

  • Grizzly

    How do we keep this out of the hands of the bad guys????

    • John

      How do we keep any guns out of the hands of the bad guys? Answer is we cant.

      • micko57

        Return the favor? Errrr, fire? No, no I definitely meant favor. yessiree I did.

        • Dustin

          My philosophy on bad guys with guns is that not everybody is a bad guy and in most cases where bad guys had guns they where not even remotely legal or legally obtained in any way. So making them illegal only takes them away from law abiding citizens leaving them in the hands of…you guessed it the bad guy.

    • Poot

      you cant. just be better with yours

    • matt

      The bad guys DO NOT use these, they have the "Real Thing" full auto for less than a $1K in a back alley out of a car trunk. They couldn't care less about rules or laws.

  • Zaftigger

    Does the SSAR-15 work with a Mil-Spec trigger group? It's easier to bump fire with a match trigger.

  • Raymond

    $175 i"d be lot more likely to buy one.

  • not-fishing

    This is a very bad Idea.

    All the Lawmakers have to do is put a video of this out and were back to the Evil AR – and the anti-gunners will have this video to support their contention that it is a machine gun.

  • Ron

    No way are the 369 cool. I dont want to be burning up all my ammo on zombies with one of these.I may be in a bug out mode and only have 2-300 hundred rds.Iam not knockin anyone who wants one but just not for me.Not knockin the guy makin them either this is still America and he can charge what he wants and as long as people keep buying then @ that price Iam sure thats where it will stay.

    • Gun Nut 78

      You do realize that you can lock out the stock and shoot it just like an semi auto AR right? I would love to have this in a zombie apocalypse! Of course a select fire AR would be ideal but how many can afford a full auto?

  • Raymonds buddy

    Like Raymond said i'd buy if it were about $175. Price now is almost as much as a good used ar….almost. Looks like fun though

  • Sarg

    "No questions asked money back guarantee" … if nothing else it gives you the chance to give it a whirl first hand and get your money back if it's not up to par.

    • ARFA

      Bumpfire only $95.00 does the same thing I have four of them.

  • fudo

    I like it. However, I agree that it's $200 cool, but not $369 cool.

  • John Q. Public

    How do we find out the info if these are legal in CA. If so , are they OK to have on pre or post AR-15s or possibly both to be be CA compliant?

    • Junior

      Waiting on an actual letter from CADOJ but yes i was told it is OK to own in CA. Your not messing with the fire controls so it has nothing to do with mechanical function. the only problem is the 10rd mags? Look at the cost the M16 fire controls and the Bolt Carrier will cost you? that pays for the stock. If you go and try to buy a registered M16 they start at $10K Plus the fees and the wait time from BATF? $350 is a great investment! and they work! bump firing is very in accurate and hard to perfect your dumping ammo into god knows where. This stock makes it controllable! and its a blast to shoot! one more thing it interchanges with any Mil Spec AR15 !!!

      • John Q. Public

        Please post the acceptance letter from the CADOJ when it is received. Thanks for your time

  • http://none M Fred Pezok

    I bought the $369.00 model. I just got it.

    I was dis-appointed that it didn't come with the the Spanner Wrench; Now I have to spend another $25.00 to get one.

    Till then I'll hold my comments (GOOD or BAD).

    • Junior

      You dont need a wrench your not removing the tube!

    • Poot

      channle locks and a rag

  • tom

    will this work on the COLT M4 22cal gun

    • fiat128

      Yea, that would be cool. I'd probably buy one for that just to mess around. When does the AK version come out and how will you make it fit all the variants out there?

    • Chris

      I read on another site that the recoil on the 22 would not be strong enough. I have the same gun as you. The colt manual states that the grip is not interchangeable. Would be awesome to get one but would suck if it didn't work.

  • Mark

    at that price I wont buy one.

    At $200 or less I would but one, they may make a few more bucks per sale but they wont sell as many either, I think they would be better off selling in larger quantities.

  • Jon

    $369.00 for a stock that's moulded, not me, maybe $169.00 would sound fair and that's high. Everyones trying to make a killing out there and I'm not going to be part of it. My rifle, which is not a "GUN" it's a "RIFLE" works just fine with a standard quality stock. Just how stable can this thing be anyway just tossing lead down range, what Crapola!

  • Firearm Man

    $369.00 is not bad if you are looking to make your semi auto AR seem like its full auto. Also $369 is a hell of a lot cheaper than buying a full auto. A fully automatic weapon is going to run in excess of $6000 for a really old one and new weapons could cost you $15K-$20K!!!

    I bought one of these Slide Fire Stocks a few weeks ago and just love it. It makes shooting my AR even more enjoyable. After putting many rounds down range I was shocked on how well and accurate you can be with it. Only draw back is the price of ammo these days. Damn expensive to shoot! But then again, what isn't expensive these days?

    • Deutcher Konig

      Your sis still offers the bargain "happy ending." Thanks sis.

  • Jack Lalley

    I just bought one and love it. True it is a bit high priced at the $369 a pop retail. But then again buy the full auto AR PLUS the Tax Stamp and transfer fees and this is a real bargain. Plus it works with any caliber the AR uses. I will definetly get the AK Model.

  • Sancman

    How about one for the Saiga 12ga shotgun?

    • Ben

      YES a shotgun version would be NUTS!

  • Ben

    This is AWESOME! Can't wait till my AR stock gets here! That AK version has me excited as well! I cant wait to see that one put some lead down range! Any time frame on the AK version being released? When can we see some footage of that being shot at least?

  • Jim Grooms

    It is a machine gun way to many morons with money will buy these ,if you have to fire that many round to hit something ,you don't need to be shooting .

    • John

      Whatever man. Some people enjoy shooting fast.

      Plus this is 100%the legal. Stop bashing a product you have probably never shot it. Plus don't talk about someone that might need to shoot that many rounds that fast… our military shoot full auto and shoot full auto to protect our nation and themselves.

    • rightwingextremist

      Your an idiot!!!! Get out of here you anti gun dipshit!!!

  • Larrry Snowberger

    I would like to correspond with this company.Could you please send me e-mail me your address or phone number. Thank you.

  • Frank

    Love this! Going to buy one for sure… or maybe 2!!! :)

  • Gary

    It does seem overpriced at $369, but when a competitor introduces a similar product the price should drop to a reasonable figure. At $369 it makes it worthwhile for someone else to get into the business.

  • Sniper168

    I have a recommendation for the SSAK-47;

    1) please change the pistol grip to more accurately reflect the real one.

    2) I see from the pic of the prototype there are wood grain designs in the resin. Outstanding!… but will you offer the various colors colors to match most of the AK's out there? Note: only 3 colors really need to be released: red classic, brown, and blond.

    3) Finally, you should make it so that we can install our butt plate hardware onto your stock when we get it.

  • Jeremiah – SFS Pres.


    Thank you for the recommendations. We are currently doing some remodeling on the AK mold – the pistol grip will be much like the AR-15 standard A2 grip. We are working on launching with multiple models with different styles. In addition to a couple other ideas….

    I will have to do some color research, but I do my best to get the colors matched to the traditional wood grains.

    Thanks for the constructive feedback. This is the things that we are looking for … trying to make the best possible product for all of us to enjoy.

  • Tony

    Will this be legal in New Jersey, one of the NJSP Firearms Investigators claims that is not. Any ideas?

  • Sayres

    I'm really excited about the SSAR-15 variant 2 because I did not find the first style completely appealing to myself. A friend of mine has an Arsenal AK-103 and was wondering if it would fit? Also, since his gun has a completely metal body, will the SSAK-47 be offered with a different style stock?

    Thanks! Really excited about your product coming out!

  • KasK

    Someone at our local range had one a couple of days ago, and I was intrigued as he was shooting it and he let me try it. Well designed, amazingly easy to control, and just plain amazingly fun!! Yes, a bit pricey but there's nothing else like it… I ordered one yesterday! Yes, I'll order an AK and/or Saiga version too when they're released.

  • Billy watts

    This thing is a lot of fun for the money. For all you cry babies that can't afford one, stop crying and get a job.

    • Deutcher Konig

      Hey there you arrogant puss. It's not about "affording" the damn stock. This is about the stock being completely unnecessary for "bump" firing.

  • Macgyverhk

    We need a thumbhole version for the ak and ar for the banned states. Just need a bar connecting the pistol grip to the stock. Please also consider stocks for the galil. I hate thumbhole stocks but I live in Connecticut and like my flashiders. If you make thumbhole versions I'll buy one AR one or two AK and two GALIL. Macgyve

  • Macgyverhk

    Btw the ergonomics of the Bulgarian ak thumbhole stocks (both the milled and the stamped types) are second to none for the AK type platform. B&T makes an excellent thumbhole for the AR. I also request you put a compartment to hold the ATF letter inside the stock. Thanks for the consideration.

  • L.A.R. Grizzly

    I want one for my 10/22 Ruger!

  • Joe Jong

    Is this legal for all 48 states including CA?

  • Gary O'Malley

    I guess it will work on a plinker 22LR AR?

  • Jeff

    Too much at $369. Sell point at $175-$200 would yield way more sales.

  • Tribbles

    Will the ATF encourage the people to use them to kill Iranians and other people jews don't like?

    • trigon1962

      "and other people Jews don't like"?
      That would be all non-Jews.

  • trigon1962

    Don't get too excied, the ATF weenies will eventually ban this as well.

    • smitty

      And that's OK: Controlled semi fire is much more devestating in the hands of a real marksman.

    • heff

      you’ve got that right. I can’t see the distinction between the slidefire and full auto. Of course I don’t understand the difference b/t short barreled rifles and long barreled pistols

  • Billy bob

    I agree, $200 is about the most I'd pay for this stock, it looks cool though.

    • heff

      I paid $250 last week at a gun show. It is a lot of fun and you certainly get the looks at the range but you can blow through a hundred bucks of ammo in five minutes. Is it worth it? If you can afford it great. If you can’t your going to save a lot on ammo

  • Mr. Mojo

    Looks cool. Would love something like this for my S&W M&P 15-22.

    For people complaining about price, with this you can spend more on ammo in one afternoon than this thing cost.

    Would not be surprised at all if ATF changed their position on this. Didn't they once declare a shoe string to be a machine gun?

  • Deutcher Konig

    This is lame. Anyone can "bump" fire any semi auto weapon without needing a "special" and ouch pricey nick nakin whoha. Google "bump fire," if you don't know how to. FAIL, with a capital F A I L!

  • Gary Vincent O'Malley

    It's a money hole of ammo.. the ammo companies should invest in this guy to lower the price. It's like the ticket price to a movie, the real gotcha is the popcorn and coke.. :-) I do like it though. I wonder if the 22 has enough "bump" to do the same? I can't find an answer in the comments…. it seems you'd need a lot of bump. recoil..

  • Frank

    I keep reading that you can get 2 for the ar-15 at a certian price, but never any information on where to get them.

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