Sinclair Flash Hole Tool Makes Case Prep Easy

Sinclair Flash Hole Tool Makes Case Prep Easy

High-volume cartridge case manufacturing can leave a burr on the flash hole, which can deflect and distort the primer flame.

Fort Wayne, IM--With one easy step, you can go a long way to obtaining the greatest potential accuracy from your handloads by using Sinclair's new Piloted Flash Hole Deburring Tool. High-volume cartridge case manufacturing can leave a burr on the flash hole, which can deflect and distort the primer flame, leading to erratic powder ignition and significant velocity variation. The Piloted Flash Hole Deburring Tool solves the problem.

The Sinclair tool's adjustable stainless steel pilot fits precisely into the cartridge case mouth to guide the tool shaft and control depth of cut. The tool steel cutter removes the burr on the flash hole's mouth, and leaves a lightly chamfered edge. This ensures the primer flame is directed to the center of the powder column for uniform ignition.

According to company President, Bill Gravatt, "Deburring is one of the most important case-prep steps for accuracy. We designed our Deburring Tool for a precise, fast, and easy deburring operation to help you obtain the greatest accuracy from your firearm."

This simple reloading step needs to be performed only once during the life of a case.

The Sinclair Piloted Flash Hole Deburring Tool works on all rifle and pistol calibers from .22 through .45 using the stainless steel neck pilots, which are sold separately. Also available in .17/.20 caliber and .50 BMG offerings.

To order, or for more information, call 800-717-8211 or visit Sinclair online and mention code PGS.

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