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New Guns & Gear for 2015


Five Great New Reloading Tools

by Brad Miller, Ph.D.

Loading your own ammunition is rewarding at many levels. It can even be therapeutic. But it takes time and effort,… more »


Handloading .960 Rowland

by Brad Miller, Ph.D.

Johnny Rowland introduced a new pistol cartridge in 2014, the .960 Rowland. It is a high-powered 9mm caliber cartridge and… more »


POF USA Goes ‘Olde School’

by Joseph von Benedikt

Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF USA) is best known for its outstanding piston-driven AR-type rifles, but Olde School, the company’s new model,… more »


Reloading Tips: The Plunk Test

by Brad Miller, Ph.D.

The plunk test. It’s a funny name, but it’s very important to use when you’re reloading. The plunk test determines… more »

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Converting a 1911 to 7.62×25 Tokarev

by Brad Miller, Ph.D.

The 7.62×25 Tokarev is a potent pistol cartridge. It originated in Russia in 1930 as an “improved” version of the… more »


Super Powders for the .38 Super

by Brad Miller, Ph.D.

If you shoot a .38 Super, you might lament its loss of performance over the years. Back in the old… more »

Title Figure Mythbusters 45 v 38 Brad Miller_F

Compensated .45 vs. Compensated .38

by Brad Miller, Ph.D.

The .45 ACP is much-maligned when it comes to talk about putting a compensator on one. “It doesn’t produce enough… more »

Title Figure Velocity Performance BE86 Brad Miller_F

Performance of Alliant’s New BE-86 Pistol Powder

by Brad Miller, Ph.D.

Alliant recently introduced a new pistol powder to handloaders, BE-86, that offers high performance for a wide range of calibers…. more »


Reloading Heavy Bullets in 9mm Luger

by Brad Miller, Ph.D.

Most people who shoot a 9mm Luger use 115 and 124 grain bullets, since these are the typical weights for… more »

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Henry Big Boy .44 Magnum Review

by Jim Grant

Ever since Dirty Harry, the .44 Magnum cartridge has captured the imaginations of millions. At the time of film’s release,… more »


Benelli 828U Shotgun Review

by Layne Simpson

The brand-new 828U has what I consider to be the most interesting breeching arrangement for over-under shotguns to come down… more »

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Can You Shoot an Unarmed Attacker?

by David Kenik

The author, David Kenik, is not an attorney and this article is not legal advice. The following is simply a… more »


FN FNS Compact Review

by Joel Hutchcroft

Whenever a new handgun model comes on the market, some of the first questions that pop up about it have… more »


Coonan Compact Limited Edition .357 Magnum Announced

by Shooting Times Online Editors

Coonan Inc., known for its manufacture of custom 1911s chambered in .357 Magnum, is now offering a new Limited Edition… more »


10 Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Gun

by Joseph von Benedikt

We all experience it. If you’re the kind of guy that’s reading this, you know what I mean: the sleepless… more »


Winchester Long Beard XR Magnum Review

by Drew Warden

As many hunters know, coincidences — otherwise known as luck — can be the difference between a successful hunt and… more »


Wisconsin Bill to Allow Blaze Pink Camo for Hunting

by Shooting Times Online Editors

A Wisconsin bill recently announced by state representatives Joel Kleefisch (R – Oconomowoc) and Nick Milroy (D – South Range)… more »


Recoil Reduction: Ports vs. Compensator

by Brad Miller, Ph.D.

Reducing recoil is always welcome. Shooting is fun, but recoil’s whack can be unpleasant. Many of us would be happy… more »


Reloading Faster with the Dillon XL650

by David Kenik

Depending on the task, I have three modes when I am reloading: snail pace with a single-stage press for my… more »


Installing Aftermarket Barrels in Glock Compensated Pistols

by Brad Miller, Ph.D.

Aftermarket barrels are quite the rage for some guns. A new barrel can transform your pistol into an entirely new… more »