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The 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum

by Joseph von Benedikt

Weatherby’s new magnum is thebiggest, fastest 6.5mm cartridge in the world. You could call it a “Formula One” cartridge. Named… more »


A Top Ten 10mm: Les Baer Premier II 10mm

by Joel J Hutchcroft

The 10mm Auto cartridge is one of those rounds that has a cult following. And although the cartridge is experiencing… more »


Rock River Arms LAR-15: An AR Mountain Rifle

by Steve Gash

Everybody knows that modern sporting rifles on the AR-15 platform are some of today’s most popular firearms. A lot of… more »

Springfield Armory AR SAINT

Springfield Armory AR SAINT

by Steve Gash

Springfield Armory’s first-ever AR, called the SAINT, is a direct-impingement AR with upper and lower receivers forged of 7075 T6… more »


Dangerous Game Bullets

by Allan Jones

I became interested in dangerous-game bullet technology more than 35 years ago when a major magazine ran an article with pictures… more »


Choosing the Right Shotgun Gauge

by Layne Simpson

.410 Bore Like most youngsters growing up during what I fondly describe as the era of innocence, the first shotgun… more »

Ballistic Terms

Common Ballistic Terms You Need to Know

by Joseph von Benedikt

Long-range shooting is one of the biggest trends on today’s shooting scene, big enough that it’s driving purpose-designed new rifles… more »

28 Nosler

Reviewing the .28 Nosler

by Layne Simpson

Shooting the new-for-2015 .28 Nosler took me back to a hunt for black bear on Vancouver Island in May of… more »


Accurizing the Model 1911

by Reid Coffield

Regular readers of Shooting Times know that I often get questions from fellow readers. One that I frequently receive has… more »


Shooting Times 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

by Joel J Hutchcroft

If you’re wondering what on earth to buy for the avid shooter on your Christmas list, look no further than… more »


Remington Timeline: 1959 – Nylon 66 Autoloading Rifle

by Shooting Times Online Editors

In January 1959, Remington introduced a revolutionary new concept in firearms—a .22 rimfire autoloading rifle with a one-piece, integral stock… more »


Reliving the Past with Pedersoli Flintlocks

by Evan Brune

In the modern comforts of today’s world, it can be hard to imagine what life was like in days gone… more »


Reloading the .300 Savage

by Lane Pearce

The .300 Savage is an old but very capable cartridge. And the vintage rifles I used for developing my hand-loads… more »

Remington Model 11-87 Premier SC. (Photo Credit: Remington Archives Photo Collection)

Remington Timeline: 1987 – Remington Model 11-87 Autoloading Shotguns

by Shooting Times Online Editors

By the 1980s, Remington had become increasingly aware of the need for a 12-gauge autoloading shotgun that could handle both… more »


Concealed Carry: Choosing a Backup Gun

by Joseph von Benedikt

Defining the perfect backup gun for concealed carry is a difficult task, but we’re here to give it our best… more »


Is Slide-to-Frame Fit Important for Accuracy?

by Brad Miller, Ph.D.

Many factors contribute to accuracy, such as ammunition, barrel fit, the tolerance of how precisely the critical parts fit together…. more »


10 Must-Have Tools for the DIY Gunsmith

by Joseph von Benedikt

Serious gun guys are, by nature, tinkerers. We like to change and—we hope—enhance our firearms. Pretty soon, if our modifications… more »


Vintage Rimfire: Savage Model 1903

by Joel J Hutchcroft

One of the great things about being a gun accumulator—as opposed to being a gun collector—is that I can acquire just… more »


Review: Colt Lightweight Commander 1911

by Evan Brune

Colt’s Manufacturing Company introduced a number of new guns in 2016. The lineup features the Expanse M4, the Colt Competition… more »


How to Shoot for Accuracy

by Layne Simpson

The accuracy-testing protocol for rifles has varied considerably through the years, not only among individual shooters, but also among the various… more »