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The Ballistician: .416 Remington Magnum

by Allan Jones

The introduction of the .416 Remington Magnum in 1988 renewed American interest in dangerous-game cartridges. It was truly a game-changer.


Stoeger P3000 12-Gauge Pump

by Shooting Times Online Editors

This wallet-friendly 12-gauge pump gun will get the job done effectively without costing an arm and a leg.


SnapSafe Titan

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Offering modular gun safes that you assemble yourself, SnapSafe has taken a unique approach to firearms storage and security.

To the delight of .35 Whelen fans, major cartridge companies offer factory-loaded ammunition, including Barnes, Hornady, Nosler, Remington, and Federal.

The .35 Whelen: A Practical Powerhouse

by Joseph von Benedikt

The .35 Whelen is considered by some to be a far more useful sporting cartridge than the .308 Winchester or the .30-06.


The .33 Nosler

by Steve Gash

The new .33 Nosler is designed to equal or surpass other cartridges in its caliber class.

The Ruger American Predator is lightweight, well balanced, and reliable, and it delivers very good accuracy.

Ruger American Predator in 6mm Creedmoor

by Steve Gash

Ruger’s popular American rifle is now available in a predator version chambered for seven cartridges, including the new 6mm creedmoor.


Fast Loads For The .45 ACP

by Brad Miller, Ph.D.

Using Ramshot Enforcer and 230-grain bullets, .45 ACP muzzle velocities over 1,000 FPS at safe, standard-level pressures are possible.

The “We the People” 1911 was extremely comfortable to shoot and achieved excellent accuracy, averaging 2.19 inches for five-shot groups at 25 yards with five factory loads.

SIG We The People 1911 .45 ACP

by Joel J Hutchcroft

The SIG We The People 1911 .45 ACP has unique features, such as star-studded grips, that make it a fitting tribute to the most storied handgun in history.


Magnum Research BFR 2.0

by Brad Miller, Ph.D.

Magnum Research is famous for its large and powerful single-action revolver: the Big Frame Revolver, or BFR, also known as the Biggest Finest Revolver.


The Keys to a Good Hunting Rifle

by Shooting Times Online Editors

The ideal big-game rifle combines a number of virtues.


Browning’s BPS Turns 40

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Browning’s BPS turns 40, and the bottom feeding and ejecting shotgun has been a standout in the crowded pump shotgun market for decades.


The Rifle that Changed Rifles

by Shooting Times Online Editors

If you opened your 1984 edition of Gun Digest and instantly fell in love with the Steyr AUG, pictured there… more »


Loading Down the .44 Magnum Safely

by Lane Pearce

Reducing the power of .44 Magnum handloads can be easily and safely accomplished, but some attention needs to be paid to certain aspects.


Kahr’s New Nines

by Jake Edmondson

A look at Kahr’s 2017 CM9 and CW9 designs, and how the new nines operate and perform.


Creedmoors Compared

by Layne Simpson

The 6.5 Creedmoor has made quite a name for itself, but the newer 6mm Creedmoor is giving it a real run for the money.


Static Electricity and the Reloader

by Allan Jones

Static electricity in a reloading setting can be of concern. Here’s how to deal with it.


Shooting The Colt’s Signature Series 1860 Army

by Joseph von Benedikt

This authentic Model 1860 Army is a beautiful, functional example of the most popular cap-and-ball revolver in history.


How To Make .243 From .308 Successfully

by Lane Pearce

Necking down rifle brass is not always simple and trouble-free.

The rifle also features a 16.25-inch custom barrel made by E.R. Shaw and a checkered walnut stock with recoil pad and sling-swivel studs.

Custom-Quality Rifles For Under $1,000 Right Now

by Joel J Hutchcroft

Thanks to E. R. Shaw Inc., you can have a quality bolt-action rifle made to your specifications for a very… more »

The .308 Winchester is a superb hunting cartridge with many bullet styles, like the Hornady SST, offered in factory ammo.

Why the .308 Winchester is The Perfect Deer Cartridge

by Allan Jones

Initially developed for military purposes, the .308 Winchester is one of our finest sporting cartridges. In 1952 Winchester had a… more »