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Bushnell AR/6.5 Creedmoor 4.5-18X 40mm

Bushnell AR/6.5 Creedmoor 4.5-18X 40mm

by Steve Gash

Bushnell’s new scope is called the AR/6.5 Creedmoor, and is designed for the long-range capabilities of this excellent round.


Review: Kimber Super Jägare 10mm 1911

by Joel J Hutchcroft

Appropriately named, Kimber’s special 10mm Super Jägare Model 1911 is set specifically for hunting big game.

The bolt-action Ranch Model uses Ruger’s semiautomatic Mini Thirty detachable magazine. The carbine comes with a five-rounder, but 10- and 20-round magazines are available from Ruger.

Review: Ruger American Rifle Ranch Model in 7.62x39mm

by Layne Simpson

The Ruger American Rifle Ranch Model bolt action is now chambered in the iconic 7.62x39mm Russian.

Streamlight TLR-7 Weapon Light

2018 Father’s Day Gift Guide

by Shooting Times Online Editors

Shopping for Father’s Day gifts? A great dad deserves a fantastic present. Take a look at these gift ideas handpicked by the Shooting Times editors.


Browning Ammunition BXD Waterfowl Adds New Shot Size

by Shooting Times Online Editors

Browning BXD Waterfowl expands its versatility for waterfowlers by adding a 12 and 20 gauge, 3-inch No. 3 shotshell.


S&W Reintroduces Model 19 Revolver to Classics & Performance Center Lines

by Shooting Times Online Editors

Smith & Wesson Corp. announced the reintroduction of its two configurations of the Model 19 revolver, chambered in .38 S&W Special +P and .357 Magnum.

Encore Pro Hunter Katahdin .45-70

Review: Encore Pro Hunter Katahdin .45-70

by Steve Gash

The break-action Thompson/Center Encore Katahdin Pro Hunter Carbine in .45-70 is a potent, portable tool that’s made for hunting dangerous game.

The rather complex Berdan priming system (left) used a simple cup containing an explosive mix that was seated in a cartridge case having a complementing pocket configuration. The bottom of the pocket was formed with a round teat in the center and two small flash holes. The Boxer primer (right) contains the explosive mix and an integral metal anvil, and the case’s primer pocket is a much simpler cylindrical cavity with a single, larger-diameter flash hole in the center.

The Difference Between Boxer and Berdan Primers

by Lane Pearce

Shooting Times editor Lane Pearce answers a reader’s question about the difference between Boxer and Berdan primers and why they were created.

Ruger LCPII .380

Review: Ruger LCP II .380

by Jake Edmondson

With the new LCP II, Ruger has improved the design, adding features that enhance performance.


Aguila .22 Long Rifle – Accuracy & Velocity

by Jake Edmondson

Edmondson tests the accuracy and velocity of four Aguila .22 LR loadings.

The 5.56mm Daniel Defense DDM4V7 LW carbine is lightweight and comfortable to handle, and our shooting report proved its reliability and accuracy were top-notch.

Review: Daniel Defense DDM4V7 LW

by Steve Gash

The new DDM4V7 LW from Daniel Defense has a bunch of tantalizing features, including a lightweight-profile, fast-twist, cold-hammer-forged, chrome-lined barrel.


Lyman Products Reloading Kits Include Essential Tools to Start Reloading

by Shooting Times Online Editors

Lyman Products is introducing three new reloading presses in 2018, including the Brass Smith Ideal Press and the Brass Smith Victory Press.

The S&W .38 M&P Victory Revolver

S&W .38 M&P Victory Revolver

by Joseph von Benedikt

A wartime iteration of the superb .38 M&P, the Victory revolver proved to be an outstanding fighting sidearm.

Plenty of components for making good .38 Special ammunition for snubnose revolvers are available, but the handloader needs to be mindful of certain concerns when assembling the ammo.

Handloading the .38 Special for Snubnose Revolvers

by Lane Pearce

When handloading a snubnose revolver, the proper powder-and-bullet recipe is critical because you are trying to balance two opposing performance criteria.

Shooting Times May 2018 Feature

Now on the Newsstands: Shooting Times June 2018 Issue

by Shooting Times Online Editors

Shooting Times Magazine June 2018 Issue is now on newsstands!


Firearms Industry Economic Impact Rises 169% Since 2008

by Shooting Times Online Editors

The economic impact of the firearms industry in the United States increased from $19.1 billion in 2008 to $51.4 billion in 2017, a 169 percent increase.

SW22 Victory Target Model

Smith & Wesson Launches SW22 Victory Target Model Pistol

by Shooting Times Online Editors

Smith & Wesson Corp. announced the addition of its new Target Model to its SW22 Victory line of pistols.

In the .380’s favor for pocket carry or backup use are guns that are smaller and lighter than the smallest and lightest 9mms.
When both are fully loaded, Kimber’s Micro 380 (left) is 5.5 ounces lighter and half an inch shorter than the Micro 9 (right).

Why You Should Choose a .380 ACP Semiauto for Self-Defense

by Layne Simpson

As the old saying goes, a .380 in the pocket when something really bad happens is better than a .45 left at home.

The Auto-Ordnance 1911BKO resembles the military Model 1911A1, and it uses a 5.0-inch barrel, a standard recoil spring guide assembly, fixed sights, and brown plastic grip panels, although it has several differences from the original military 1911A1.

Auto-Ordnance’s 1911BKO .45ACP

by Joel J Hutchcroft

Auto-Ordnance’s GI-style Model 1911BKO is a serviceable .45 ACP pistol with a great retail price.


Alliant Powder Releases Improved Red Dot

by Shooting Times Online Editors

Alliant Powder, a manufacturer of smokeless propellant, offers clay target shooters a consistent, clean-burning option with the release of improved Red Dot.