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Winchester Announces Win1911 Wooden Collector’s Box

by Shooting Times Online Editors 0

Winchester Ammunition is offering some extra grain — woodgrain, that is — with their 230-grain .45 Auto ammo. The company has announced it will release a special… more »


SIG Sauer 1911 Traditional Match Elite Review

by Joel Hutchcroft 1

I put an order in three years ago to get this SIG SAUER 1911 Traditional Match Elite in .40 S&W,… more »

This Merwin & Hulbert double-action revolver is more than 125 years, old, but our shooting editor things it's the finest one ever built.

The Best Double-Action Revolver You’ve Never Seen

by Frank W. James 3

The inscription reads “Andrew C. Berry from Frank E. Davis.” I have no idea who those gentlemen were, but Mr…. more »


Walther PPQ M2 Review

by Jake Edmondson 4

Last year Walther announced an upgrade to its striker-fired, polymer-framed PPQ pistol. Called the PPQ M2, the new gun featured… more »


First Look: Dan Wesson 715 Revolver

by Shooting Times Online Editors 18

Dan Wesson announced they are resuming production of their popular line of revolvers in 2014. The “new” Dan Wesson 715 is chambered… more »

1911 Shootout

Nice-Price 1911 Shootout

by Paul Scarlata 22

We ordered in seven basic, full-size, affordable 1911s and put them through a head-to-head shootout to find out which ones… more »


8 New Revolvers for 2014

by Joseph von Benedikt 6

This year’s list of new revolvers reads like a battle of the wheelgun titans. Smith & Wesson and Ruger each… more »


Reducing Recoil: Traditional vs. Bushing Compensators

by Brad Miller, Ph.D. 6

Compensators are interesting devices. They redirect gas to take the bite out of recoil and reduce muzzle rise. There are… more »


The Best New 1911s for 2014

by Brad Fitzpatrick 13

John M. Browning was a brilliant gun designer, and his genius was once again illustrated at the 2014 SHOT Show…. more »

Les Baer Hemi 1911

Fast, Furious & Fabulous: Les Baer Hemi 572 1911 Review

by Jake Edmondson 3

Back in 2010 Les Baer brought out his Boss 45 1911 pistol. It was his tribute to what has been… more »

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