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Review: Kimber Super Jägare 10mm 1911

by Joel J Hutchcroft 0

Appropriately named, Kimber’s special 10mm Super Jägare Model 1911 is set specifically for hunting big game.

Ruger LCPII .380

Review: Ruger LCP II .380

by Jake Edmondson 0

With the new LCP II, Ruger has improved the design, adding features that enhance performance.

The S&W .38 M&P Victory Revolver

S&W .38 M&P Victory Revolver

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

A wartime iteration of the superb .38 M&P, the Victory revolver proved to be an outstanding fighting sidearm.

In the .380’s favor for pocket carry or backup use are guns that are smaller and lighter than the smallest and lightest 9mms.
When both are fully loaded, Kimber’s Micro 380 (left) is 5.5 ounces lighter and half an inch shorter than the Micro 9 (right).

Why You Should Choose a .380 ACP Semiauto for Self-Defense

by Layne Simpson 0

As the old saying goes, a .380 in the pocket when something really bad happens is better than a .45 left at home.

The Auto-Ordnance 1911BKO resembles the military Model 1911A1, and it uses a 5.0-inch barrel, a standard recoil spring guide assembly, fixed sights, and brown plastic grip panels, although it has several differences from the original military 1911A1.

Auto-Ordnance’s 1911BKO .45ACP

by Joel J Hutchcroft 0

Auto-Ordnance’s GI-style Model 1911BKO is a serviceable .45 ACP pistol with a great retail price.

The newest variation of Smith & Wesson’s classic .357 Magnum Model 66 has a 2.75-inch-long, two-piece barrel; black synthetic wraparound grips; an adjustable rear sight; a pinned-in red ramp front sight; a restyled cylinder release button; and an internal key locking system with the key slot located just above the cylinder release button.

S&W Model 66 2.75-inch .357 Magnum

by Joel J Hutchcroft 0

The S&W Model 66 .357 Magnum K-Frame revolver is now offered with a 2.75-inch barrel. The gun is a double-action revolver with an adjustable rear sight.

Two new handgun propellants are TCM and No. 11FS. They are designed for hand-loading popular magnum handgun cartridges, the speedy .22 TCM cartridge, and the .300 Blackout.

New Handgun Powders

by Lane Pearce 0

The new TCM and No. 11FS propellants are targeted primarily for reloading magnum handgun ammunition.

This tiny .380 ACP Model 1911 features a Flat Dark Earth finish, black G10 grip panels, front slide serrations, and night sights.

Review: SIG Sauer P238 Emperor Scorpion

by Jake Edmondson 0

The P238 Emperor Scorpion features a Flat Dark Earth finish, black G10 grip panels, front slide serrations, and night sights.

The “We the People” 1911 was extremely comfortable to shoot and achieved excellent accuracy, averaging 2.19 inches for five-shot groups at 25 yards with five factory loads.

SIG We The People 1911 .45 ACP

by Joel J Hutchcroft 0

The SIG We The People 1911 .45 ACP has unique features, such as star-studded grips, that make it a fitting tribute to the most storied handgun in history.


Magnum Research BFR 2.0

by Brad Miller, Ph.D. 0

Magnum Research is famous for its large and powerful single-action revolver: the Big Frame Revolver, or BFR, also known as the Biggest Finest Revolver.

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