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1911 Shootout

Nice-Price 1911 Shootout

by Paul Scarlata 22

We ordered in seven basic, full-size, affordable 1911s and put them through a head-to-head shootout to find out which ones… more »


8 New Revolvers for 2014

by Joseph von Benedikt 6

This year’s list of new revolvers reads like a battle of the wheelgun titans. Smith & Wesson and Ruger each… more »


Reducing Recoil: Traditional vs. Bushing Compensators

by Brad Miller, Ph.D. 5

Compensators are interesting devices. They redirect gas to take the bite out of recoil and reduce muzzle rise. There are… more »


The Best New 1911s for 2014

by Brad Fitzpatrick 7

John M. Browning was a brilliant gun designer, and his genius was once again illustrated at the 2014 SHOT Show…. more »

Les Baer Hemi 1911

Fast, Furious & Fabulous: Les Baer Hemi 572 1911 Review

by Jake Edmondson 3

Back in 2010 Les Baer brought out his Boss 45 1911 pistol. It was his tribute to what has been… more »


Minneapolis Palm Pistol Review

by Joel Hutchcroft 3

The Knox County Historical Museum in Knoxville, Illinois, will be opening an exhibit this November on the evolution of handgun… more »


Ready for Duty: CZ P-09 Duty Review

by Layne Simpson 0

The P-09 is the latest in a line of handguns manufactured by Ceska Zbrojovka, or CZ for short. The company… more »


Ed Brown 1911 Review

by Patrick Sweeney 4

Ed Brown has been building 1911s for many years now. What Ed and his crew make are not wild, space-age… more »


Gats for Cats: The Best Guns for Bobcat Hunting

by Dick Metcalf 3

Bobcats are very difficult to hunt because they are among the most reclusive, elusive, and wariest animals on the North… more »


Best 1911 Rail Guns at Every Price Point

by Shooting Times Online Editors 4

The addition of Picatinny rails are part of the modern makeover for John Browning’s classic Model 1911. The presence of… more »

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