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Perfectly Petite: Springfield XD-S Review

by Bart Skelton   |  February 19th, 2013 6


Never have I attempted to make it a secret that I dote on little handguns. I’ve owned a good many over the years and have carried them as backup guns during my law enforcement career. I’ve also packed them concealed off-duty. Little pistols are great to throw in a briefcase, a field bag, or a set of saddlebags.

I’ve carried little guns chambered for a variety of cartridges, including .380 ACP, .38 Special, and 9mm. These calibers are quite capable of handling many situations in which a handgun might be needed, but their efficiency is often questioned by some handgunners. I’ve never been particularly uncomfortable carrying any of them, but I have occasionally wished I had something with a bit more wallop. Trouble was, coming up with a small handgun that could handle a powerful cartridge like the .45 ACP was an all but impossible task.

Over the years I’ve had an issue with warming up to the polymer-frame handgun, even though I carried one as a federal investigator for many years. The Glock 9mm I packed never malfunctioned during the many, many rounds I fired through it or over the many miles it rode on my hip. Undoubtedly, it was worth its salt as an everyday carry gun, but eye candy it wasn’t. I’ve always appreciated firearms that are as beautiful as they are functional, but I’ve learned that a highly reliable and accurate firearm is essential for everyday carry, regardless of looks.

Fortunately, we now have a highly reliable, compact, and easy to carry and conceal pistol chambered for the .45 ACP, thanks to Springfield Armory. I’m referring to the single-stack XD-S. And the latest two-tone iteration isn’t all that bad looking, at least to the ST editors. Plus, it’s one flat, thin .45!

I’ve long been a fan of Springfield’s guns and have used a high-capacity 9mm XD-M pistol for some time. When the company recently introduced this latest XD, I knew it had a great thing going.

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