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Shooting Times Mystery Gun: Guess and Win!

by Shooting Times News   |  April 30th, 2013 96


All right, so you fancy yourself a gun guy? You can watch a movie and point out every Smith, Colt or Glock that flashes across the screen, you say? Big deal. Let’s see how you handle a real challenge.

We’re looking for someone who can identify the make, model and caliber of this caplock with just three hints:

  • It has a 36-inch octagon barrel.
  • Features brass and silver furniture.
  • Made in the U.S.

Whoever can guess all three criteria will win a brand new 34th Edition Blue Book of Gun Values by S.P. Fjestad, a $45 value. Leave your guess in the comments section below. Best of luck!

  • Guest

    Vincent Mountain Rifle, .52 caliber.

  • gg

    H.E. Leman sporting rifle cal. .50

  • Daniel VG

    I don’t know too much about older guns, but it looks like a Springfield something to me. Probably from early 1800’s

  • Mike McNulty

    Lehman Trade rifle

  • R. Golden

    Hawken, .50 cal. Mountain Rifle

  • Aaron Stransky

    Hawken .54 cal

  • Darlena deSha

    Kentucky Long Rifle, 50 caliber

  • Clinton Phillips

    CVA, Hawken, .50 cal

  • J Mark VanTress

    50 Caliber Hawken

  • Kenneth Coffman Welch

    Sears, Kentuckylong rifle, 45cal.

  • jason willis

    Henry E Leman Kentucky long rifle in .36 caliber

  • John cash

    Looks Kinda Like An Early Hatfield50 Cal. Kentucky

  • Dave Scott

    Pennsylvania long rifle made by Springflied .58 cal

  • brickerman

    Springfield Hawken 45 cal

  • Preston Sellers

    BOWN & TETLEY MAKERS PITTSBURGH .36 calibre muzzle-loading percussion rifle with double set-trigger

  • vonhundscheiss

    This is a Vincent squirrel rifle .32 cal.

  • Frank Bauman

    Hawken Rocky Mountain Rifle .53 caliber

  • sam barlow

    p/c penn made by joseph gibbons in 1837 appr32 cal
    am gun like this was stolden in Houston oct 5 2011 in Houston tx

  • 3strokes

    An AR-15? Just ask Diane Feinstein.

  • Mark Dearborn

    Hawken Springfield .30 caliber

  • Maurice Doll

    H. E. Leman trade rifle in .54 cal.

  • Adthur Schofield

    hawkens 58 caliber 1863

  • Dave Hupp

    S Hawken St Louis 56 cal.

  • James Massman

    Think I’ll try the W. Ogden Percussion Plains Rifle in 40 cal.

  • juneaumac

    Rocky Mountan 50 cal hawkins

  • Ronald Beitler Sr

    Looks to be a Leman Percussion Rifle…Origin..H.E.Leman, Conestoga Rifle Works,
    Lancaster, Pennsylvania…..Half Stock Rifle…..38cal.

  • Jim_Macklin

    Hawken Bridger 54 caliber

  • Bob Brown

    .36 cal Kentucky long rifle,( H.E.Leman) Lancaster, PA

  • jmb

    Sharps, trigger set for long range.

  • B. Hayes

    Tennessee Mountain Rifle, double set triggers possibly a 50 caliber.

  • jim

    make:Leman model-pa. long rifle cal.- .36



  • Kevin Page

    .50 cal Hawken Rifle

  • Gary Medley


  • disqus_FOHAtl6TpN

    St. Louis Hawken rifle, 50 cal. set triggers and a Hawken style trigger guard

  • Ed McGinnes

    1854 Harpers Ferry .54cal

  • Tom Sheppardson

    John and Caleb Vincent, Ohio rifle in .54 caliber

  • Edward S. Smith

    50 caliber Hawkins

  • Edward S. Smith

    Pennsylvania long rifle. 50 caliber

  • Jonathan

    It looks to me like a Hawken plains rifle. Probably .53 caliber or .50 caliber. Can’t be too sure on the model since only around 200 originals were actually produced but by the wear on the stock and barrel I’m thinking it’s one of the older ones, probably around the 1830s.

  • Louis Wolfgang Shaffer

    .45 cal Hawkin Plains Rifle

  • Louis Wolfgang Shaffer

    Hawkin .45 cal plains rifle

  • James G. Clegg

    Half-stock sporting rifle made by Levi Biddle of Tuscarawas County, Ohio. .32 caliber using a Leman lock. German-silver inlays.

  • Michael Hawkins

    j henry made by boulton gun works (cooper lock coversion)

  • Guest

    Kentucky Percussion rifle made by JB (J. Border)

  • Mark Arthur

    Half stock percussion sporting rifle .36 cal J.C. Grub and Co.

  • Preston Sellers

    So who won? What was it?

  • gg

    So who won ??

  • Kenneth Coffman Welch

    45cal. kentucky, I have one that looks almost just like it.

  • Stan Burton

    Leman lancaster .41 caliber

  • Ramon A.

    .36 Cal

  • R.Smith

    I would say 33 cal

  • Alyse Niproc

    Henry Leman LANCASTER near .45 caliber.

  • Alyse Niproc

    Henry Leman LANCASTER near .45 caliber.

  • WhiteBikerTrash

    Leman Lancaster, Southern Mtn Rifle model, .54 Cal

  • jason marmann

    32 cal

  • Joe Sobotka


  • Terry

    Muzzle stuffers not my forte but it’s newer than most would think. A wild guess is a 36 cal Kit Carson.

  • Don Carman

    .69 cal Leman Lancaster

  • Don Carman

    .69 cal Leman Lancaster Model 1816

  • Andy Alexander

    Lehman Lancaster .33 Caliber Trade Rifle

  • Jose A. Alcantar

    .59 cal

  • disqus_XW4baLw7gk

    Bill Gill 38 cal

  • S. Lowe

    .42 cal


    .39 cal



  • Dennis Pagacz

    Leman Indian trade rifle in .45 caliber

  • David Cogan

    Leman Lancaster .58 cal

  • Cristiano Piras

    I think is 50 calibre

  • Cristiano Piras

    sorry I correct! Yes it’s a Leman 38 calibre rifle! Now I see!

  • Victor Walker


  • Ron Dawley

    .33 Cal Lehman Lancaster

  • Robby777

    Leman Lancaster .32 cal.

  • Springbank

    Sowers and Smith, .44 cal “Kentucky”

  • dylanpolk

    No one’s gotten it yet. Keep the guesses coming!

    Dylan Polk
    Shooting Times Social Media Editor

  • tomcat1073

    50 cal make is Marlin Black Power Rifle

  • Stacy Brankel

    Dimmick, St. Louis, hawken rifle, .36 cal

  • LM

    Siebert Plains Rifle .40 cal.

  • Thomas Bogan

    .50 caliber Hawken Bros “Plain’s Rifle”

  • lefty475

    It is made by Samual Todd Sherwood in Dddridge Co, WV in late 1800’s.
    It is a percussion cap lock “Kentucky” squirrel rifle
    and it is 32 cal (.311)
    I have 2 that could be the same rifle; I’ll be glad to send you pictures

  • Dr Sam Luis Obispo

    durbin-feinstein AR-15 double trigger full auto precussion machine gun

  • canada chris

    Hawken rocky mountain .68 caliber

  • Tonyc

    .41 Caliber Percussion Leman Lancaster

  • Roy keck jr

    Berks county long riffle

  • darren

    its a hawken 54 cal mountain rifle

  • hunter

    a Pennsylvania rifle in .40 caliber

  • j soucier

    made by samual Sherwood Kentucky rifle in .40 cal
    made in wv

  • brendan

    .60 caliber 1819 harpers ferry

  • Randall Yaeger

    is it a Vincent Ohio half stock?

  • Randall Yaeger

    I would guess it is a John Caleb Vincent Ohio Half stock .58 caliber

  • Randall Yaeger

    Vincent Ohio Long Rifle .58-caliber

  • buzzy

    CVA 45 cal long rifle

  • Whiteriver

    H.E.Leman, 38 cal.

  • Longknife

    That raely a trick question as these old m-loaders di not have any standard makes, models or calibers…but it looks like a Goulcher lock, maybe a halfstock, and about 36 cal???

  • Zach

    John Vincent .28 cal made in Ohio ca1840′ contains a John Golchet percussion lock Oma maple stock

  • Zach

    John Vincent halfstock .28 cal. Made in Ohio ca.1840

  • Adrian Eberwine

    i think it is a Levi Biddle .32 cal. Sugarcreek Ohio area

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